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  1. just curious what deals you guys found on fishing/hunting items? i pulled the pin today on a garmin oregon gps from cabelas. heck of a deal! 199 and regularly 650 msrp. also looking at some led tvs for the new to me wheel house i bought on black friday
  2. randingo

    Fish House rv Build

    looks amazing! great craftsmanship there. How much you estimate the total cost of your project vs buying the yetti thats already built? It amazes me that you can do that kind of project with the little ones around!
  3. randingo

    Solar Powered Fish House Build

    Very sweet shack you have there. How does it pull with those skids? I noticed bebergs now has changed their design to a "floating" type ski. Does yours ride up on top of the snow and slush or does it kind of drag? Thanks for the review
  4. good info, I just read on slings page if you sign up for 3 months, theyll even give you a free roku 2. Thats a dam good deal. Then i can type in my netflix and im set! Man thats cheap 27 bucks a month and you get quite a few good networks and tons for streaming on netflix, my only complaint is where is Discovery channel!?!?! The fish house is gonna turn into the new man cave, screw the garage
  5. Yeah i hear what you're saying. im hoping to double mine as a camper in the summer, so i was just exploring all the options out there in case of a rainy day or something. I like the idea of running everything off of the battery for the weekend though! is your hotspot through your cell phone carrier? who do you have? kind of curious in this option just not certain what kind of speed you would get for the price. I know with T-mobile I don't get data service on many of the lakes I fish on up north, but using a roku stick would be tits!
  6. all great information guys, i appreciate your input! I am a new member but have been a long time lurker on HSO and absolutely love watching your builds on the forum. Thanks for chiming in and keep up the great work I am designing a build which hopefully will have a thread half as worthy as some of the information you guys are contributing. cheers and beers!
  7. Just curious what you guys are doing for "mobile" entertainment in the fish house. Ive seen some pretty awesome set ups on this forum and am curious how you guys are doing it? It would be nice to get away from watching the same old dvds over and over. are you using mobile hotspots from your phone? are you paying for satellite? how much power does it take to run? how much does your set up cost per month? I'm fairly tech saavy, but never wired anything up off the grid. so please elaborate.pictures are always welcome!
  8. Ive seen some really decked out fish houses on the forum here, and am curious what setups you guys use in them? Im pretty tech saavy for the most part but am new to the "mobile" entertainment. It would be nice to see what other options I have besides watching the same old dvds over and over. are you using mobile hotspot on your phone? paying a satellite provider? or what other options are there? pictures are always welcome! Thanks for all the input!
  9. randingo

    New Ice House Frame

    looks fantastic. can I ask how much you've invested in the house so far? looking into doing something very similar