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  1. Ok ill have to figure out a solution. Yes Princeton i love the look of your getaway
  2. Another question, with my t&g i put up, the beaded side(the side i put facing inward) i applied Thompsons sealer. And with the other side that you see, i know a couple boards had gotten the sealer on it and im sure others that i cannot see. I am worried that when i stain, the areas with the sealer will show a different shade of the stain. I think if the stain is oil based as well, it will be fine. I will most likely test this with a scrap piece beforehand, but am about 70 miles away from any major store to get some type of cleaner/degreaser if need be. If somebody has ever encountered this, it would save me some time.
  3. Thanks for your input. maybe i will paint a 1x4 pine black and also seal it. Can always replace them if they show signs of water absorption i suppose.
  4. Thanks for all the ideas! I'll look for plastic trim and look into diamond plate. I wonder if anything white will look weird paired up to a black floor? my windows are white and my counters will have some white in them, I will have to test that out. Thanks for the help everyone
  5. I don't want the t&g to touch the floor, what are some some ideas for a bottom perimeter? I was thinking a 1X4 plastic board in black if there is such a thing but can buy white and bed line it. I want it to be strong and plan on putting it on then finish the t&g down to it. what are other ideas?
  6. I haven't had the chance to try that yet... I made it to track with pickup, if it sways too much i figured i can turn wheels 180 deg and they will stick out 9" further each side. With house up it seems to be pretty solid though. If i were to do it again, i wouldnt make them track with pickup. It was a bit difficult to make a 48" 4 wheeler fit in between the wheel wells with some space.
  7. That looks good, I like the look of your counters. I used 5/16 as well
  8. Hello i have been building a fish house this past year when ive had time. I have enjoyed looking at all of your builds throughout the year getting ideas and ways on going about certain things. But now as i am finishing up the interior, i am asking for advice from all of you on counter tops, colors, and my plans/ideas. Darker or Lighter stain for walls/ceiling- i dont want it too dark, but if i choose a darker stain, id want to have lighter colored accents such as counter tops? Counter tops- do most make their own with laminate or buy pieces of counter top on sale in stores? Im thinking i will have to make my own. I like to hear everyones 2 cents because you may see something i missed and others have much more experience with building fish houses. I built a 8x12 plus 3' V. This is my first house so some things could have been planned better and done differently but im designing and learning as I go. I wont have a better more recent picture until later tomorrow so i made a rough sketch.
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