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  1. say I just came out of my cave and am wondering what new catch and release bass season you are referring to?
  2. I never see my line and bait on my front fish finder, I suppose this is because the transducer is not pointing straight down. Anybody have a good way of adjusting this or is it just trial and error. I did try a little wedge between the transducer and bottom of trolling motor but did not get it right yet. The wedge didn't stay in very long either, may need some glue.
  3. good luck that water is gonna be cold! I think you might do well on Mud Hen but the access can be very shallow sometimes a big problem. You might check it on the way over there, lots of great shallow water flats and breaks.
  4. Stigma! Come on Man! Most of us with bass boats are way to cool to have an anchor in the boat! Anchors are for people who fish with bobbers and tourists. There is no reason to have one unless your fishin for bullheads or drinkin to much.
  5. beeflover

    Shakey Head Jigs

    Hey Ruddy, shakey head is a term invented 10-20 yrs ago when a jiggy worm became all the rage in pro bass fishing. The jig and worm was a standard bass tactic as far back as the mid 60's even before texas riggin. Al Linder probably threw this when he was a teenager. Its caught more fish in MN that any other bait in history! If your tossin this bait and you get hung up to much, go to a lighter jig. If it's windy or as you try deeper water go heavier with the jig. If you fish in an area with a lot of rocks buy cheap jigs., Toss it into holes in heavy weeds beds or edges and shake the thing on slack line. If it hangs on the weeds let it hang and shake it right there. Hang on to the rod and reel! And as a further bonus if they don't bite the worm put on a craw, grub, creature, swimbait or fluke.
  6. I haven't fished the Missippi much for bass but I've seen results from some State Tourneys on pool 4 and 5 and the results have not been that good. I think those Elite tourneys farther south were pretty good tho. I guess I'm surprised the river is rated this high.
  7. Good point these tourneys are all prespawn still. I think its interesting that Beaver Lake water temps seem to be behind what Table Rock was last week.
  8. Most of the FLW and BASS tourneys so far this year are dominated by hard baits and reaction type baits. The exception was probably the St John's River Tourney. Chatterbaits have won a couple, DT6's were huge for Howell at the classic. Lots of lipless crankbaits, wiggle warts, jerkbaits, squarebills etc. I've got some of these baits but don't catch a lot of fish with them compared to softbaits so I don't fish them more than maybe 20% of my time and then its usually a topwater like a popper or a spook. Is a kermit frog a hard bait or a soft bait? I like those! If nothins bitin might as well throw those cause their so much fun. Anybody else have different experience or advise I'd like to hear your opinions. Like a good squarebill or shallow water cranks or anybody tried this new Rapalla the scatter rap I believe. Wake baits?
  9. I've tried superglue, seems to work but I get it on my hands and usually the next time I try the tube the caps glued on so tight I can't even get it off. Anybody have a specific idea for a good type of glue to use for this? Oh and how about bait tape, I bought some from TW for $6 and there was only 8 little pieces in there, works great but thats almost a $1 per bait which is way to high for everyday. I wonder if there's anything at the hardware store that would work like that?
  10. Wow, I think you got it, walleyes are the issue, the smallmouth are eating crawfish so they are not the problem. What do smallmouth have to do with the walleye forage problems on Mille Lacs? The big walleyes ate the tullibees and pigged down all the perch, hasn't been good perch fishin up there for a long time probably 10-14 years. This probably puts even greater pressure on the small walleyes as forage. Maybe they should restrict perch fishing and I sure hate to think Fisherman's Wharf will be having fish fries with smallmouth bass this summer. Yikes! The night fishing will be missed by a lot of people and not just the night time bobber fisherman but the nite close is from 10pm to 6am and 6 am is a little late and after sunrise for much of the summer. You can have an extra cup of coffee before you put in Mille Lacs this year. When will the ice get off and the netting season begin this year? Two weeks? Three?
  11. Just checked out the DNR video, most of the walleyes harvested have been 28% netting quota, 72% sports. The gill nets are selective for 14-18 inch fish and the recent walleye slot sizes are generally these same size fish. There are plenty of large breeding females and the video said that the big change is the lack of these mid size fish that were harvested. Did the DNR assume that these fish were not important to walleye reproduction? I probably would not have guessed that they were so important either. I hope these experiments work better than the last 20 years of slot changes.
  12. Its just bad info you've had Presco. Regarding the 100,000 lb quota any big extended family, can go thru 100 lbs per year, whats that maybe 30 lbs of fillets, ya gotta have some for granma and great aunts and a big fish fry party or two. That's real sustanance. The local natives are not a problem. The problems are mainly caused by natives from other states (WI) and Canada, and I'm pretty sure that some of these folks are selling some fish, I have good friends in Mille Lacs Band and last year the quota was filled by the time my buddies got their [PoorWordUsage] together to get a couple nets out. The locals hardly got any of the quota! I've seen 100's of gill nuts picked of fish and its amazing how they are selective for size, small fish go thru the webs and big fish can't get there head in far enough to get their gills caught although, I have seen some 4-6 lb females netted and sometimes a decent sized pike or muskie will roll up in a net. Not the small northerns or walleyes and very very few smallies I really hated to see increased gill netting back 15 years ago, but the walleye fishing really improved for the early 2000's, it was back pretty good two years ago but off again last year. I fished up there for years and I swear the fishing is better now and more enjoyable with lots less boats. Walleye? It's some kinda natural cycle and I doubt smallies have had any major thing to do with it, they are just a secondary species in Mille Lacs, ya might as well blame in on bullheads or carp. Yeah grass carp some lake owner threw in there, thats probably it.
  13. You have some bad info Presco, There is no legal selling of fish by any of the Native Americans allowed to net. There is big controversy between local tribes like the Mille Lacs Band, Ojibwe/Chippewa and other Native Americans who take most of the netted fish from Wisconsin and even Canada. Why the heck to people from other states and countries come in here, they have their own treaties. Anyone can observe the netting and how closely it's monitored. I've went to Father Henn park access around 9 am and the DNR will be measuring and recording every single fish. Thanks for the limits update, it changes every friggin year and that has to be overreaction by the DNR, no real management program would be this inconsistant year to year. Call it the Mille Lac "slot du jour" Those smallmouth are not that easy to catch up there so I hope they don't get hurt badly, it doesn't sound good.
  14. beeflover

    Off Season Deals

    Cabela's has Quantum Energy Spinning Reels for $68. reg $139
  15. beeflover


    I've done the best with these in murky river back waters, several good bass an a 7lb walleye even. I love they way they hunt a bit when they swim. I've caught a lot more fish on chatterbaits than spinnerbaits the last several years. Great northern bait in fact the first blade bait like this I saw was a larger Muskie bait. Rick Morris is a pro that I associate with promoting and constantly using this bait before Hite's big success this year. This bait is a great family small business success story too! I believe the original developer, Miller?, has another new lure to come out soon.
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