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  1. I purchased the Clam JM 5000 last week. We used in on Devils Lake. It went up easy and held up well in the ND wind. I bought the Eskimo Ice Anchor bit. Someone told be to go with this one since it was metal. He told me the clam is plastic? It works great to easy in and out anchors. The storage bag seems to be plenty big and I did not have a problem putting in away by myself. I was also able to set up by myself using the trailer ball to anchor it down. Good luck and thanks for the advice. Happy Fishing.
  2. We were in the Devils Lake area last Thursday-Monday. Hopefully, this information will be helpful. We fished in front of the casino several times in 45-48 feet of water. The best bite was from 9-2 pm. Walleye and Perch. We caught one 26 inch walleye and some 12-14 inch perch. The big walleye was caught on a wax worm on a small tungsten lure, go figure. There was also a decent bite late afternoon. Early morning was dead. We fished Pike two mornings on Pelican. We fished 6-10 feet of water. We had a party of 9 and limited out each day in 3-4 hours using tip ups. We have never fished Perch or Walleye on Pelican, but reports were strong on both during our stay. We fished Lake Irvine on our final day. It was shallow water, 4-7 feet. From 10-4:30 we caught plenty of Pike on Walleye baits. Starting at 5:30, the Perch and Walleye started to bite. Large 12-14 inch Perch and 20+ inch Walleye with an occasional Pike to make it interesting. It is a big lake and we drove out 3+ miles and fished near old roads. Rumors were the ice was questionable. Most of the locals were using their ATVs. Make sure you mark your waypoint entrance if you are going to fish until dark. It was tricky getting off the lake. Some members of our party fished Alice and caught some nice walleye, but the bite was slow. They also landed some decent Pike. Shallow water as well. Make sure you check the fishing regulations on Alice. Someone told us you can not leave fish on the ice, then need to be in a bucket. I am not sure if this is true or not. This was our third consecutive year in the Devil's Lake area and the best year to date. Take your ice cleats. There is very little snow left on the lake. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  3. Great question. I am leaning towards the JM 5000. Because of the 5 sides, there is more head room. I have found the 4000 on sale at Gander Mountain for 299.99 and a place in North Dakota has the 5000 for 344.99. Cosmetically, I like the color of the 5000 better than the blue. After reeding the reviews, both seem like safe buys. Good luck. I will be using in the North Dakota wind this coming weekend. If I have any issues, I will let you know.
  4. Thanks for the help. I will reach out to hooked. Picksbigwagon, I look forward to hearing from you. Fishinfools, sorry to hear about your father.
  5. Great question. I just ordered a 900 Ranger Hunters addition and was wondering the same thing.
  6. I am taking my 74 year old father to Devils Lake February 19, 20 and 21. We are hauling all of our own gear out there. Does anyone know of any local fisherman that would be interested in helping us out for a day to get the lay of the land. We would be able to compensate but don't want to pay 300 per day for the 2 of us with the big guide services. We have all of our own gear. Any help would be appreciated. We would like to focus on Walleye and Perch. We will be staying at the Casino and will be mobile. Thanks.
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