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  1. I am very interested in learning about "yote" hunting. Would anyone experienced in this care to tote me with and show me the ropes? I am an avid hunter but have only hunted big game. I live in north metro (Anoka) and have no problem with footing gas and dinner costs for the help.
  2. There is a big difference in passing the state test and actually doing the work.I am also a licensed contractor. I have yet to meet a contractor who specializes in all aspects of home building. I can see someone specializing in mabe 2 or 3 jobs but Roofer shows what happens when a framer tries to be a sider, and you would probably get the same with a sider trying to be a framer.Someone who does that particular job day in and day out will offer you a better product,and a lower price in the long run and complete the job alot faster, compared to mr side job. I am personally a framer/finisher and have roofed for a few years. I am not a rocker,sider,cement finisher,bricklayer,and have never done split shakes. Sure i would do these jobs on my own house but I am realistic and wouldn't try it on a customers house just because I need the money. edit: There is a difference in being licensed and being competent
  3. I have the fish hawk too. There is switch on the far right for accessories.Just run yellow wire to constant power on the fuse block and red wire to the pole that connects to the switch. I ran 4 speakers in mine, 1 in each back corner facing to the front ( I had to cut these holes) and 1 in each front of the console(dual console) Definately get the plastic box to mount the radio in ,water will drip through the console and fry the radio out .I also wrapped the top and sides of my radio with housewrap tape to keep the water out.( leave bottom and back open for ventilation) After burning out 3 radios in 2 years this radio has been working great for 3 years. Just realized...are you talking on a tiller model?
  4. Take an 8' 2x6 and screw it with lags or ledger lock screws through the sheetrock into the trusses then attach your pulley to that. A topper is only 100 pounds or so, so it shouldn't be an issue. If you want to overkill it, take a few 2x4's , go into the attic and run them from the bottom cord of the truss above the 2x6, straight up to the top cord where it meets the plywood and attach. I hang my deer from the rafters in mine last year I had 3 hanging from 1 truss no problem, 180# each.
  5. Roofers way works great. I also do full weave and like to put a valley tin down on those too even though code doesn't require it.I actually prefer the look of a full weave valley I think it looks cleaner.
  6. [note from admin: please read forum policy before posting again. thanks!]
  7. The only thing no one has commented on is chipping the diesel. We have a ford3500 that we use for towing and did the power programmer on it,and upped the power drastically and improved gas mileage by almost 4mpg when towing.without towing the truck gets low 20's. the chips run about 600-800.00 but i think are wort it in the long run if you want a diesel.
  8. I am guessing you have a 4-stroke... My brother has same boat with a 150 or 175 yamaha and has the same problem (I'm like 260). he went to a 15 and works great now.
  9. they still have it at the vineyards on hwy 10 in ramsey
  10. i have been considering putting the powerdrive on my 80# 24v . Is there a major lag in control with the remote compared to wired?I guess I never thought of that until I read rascals post.It seems like that could be an issue when hitting structure areas. 2nd question... where do you put the tiny remote when your using it? Is it a pain to use while navigating (I mainly use mine trolling lindys)
  11. if you turn off the breaker,just open the faucets until the tank depressurises. then you can do whatever you need to. There should be a drain valve on the holding tank but no need to do that,easier to let the water go down the drain.
  12. definately the rod. nothin like the feel of a good quality rod
  13. rtwills

    MPG towing?

    i have a 1750 fishhawk/125 merc, tow ith a 2004 3/4 ton ram hemi, I get 13-14 if I keep it under 65.
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