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  1. We fished Wapo Sunday. Windy, and the water temps never got above 55. First fish was a keeper walleye on a red rattle trap. Go figure, our first Bass outing. The bass we did catch had not spawned yet. They were moving up holding in 8 to 10 feet off the spawning areas. Jo
  2. JoJo

    The flourocarbon craze?

    Hey Deitz. You know I only use spinning gear. So, is the Floro going to to act like a slinky and spring off the spool? Any preferred brands/weights for Spinning gear? Jo
  3. JoJo


    Banana's in the boat are bad luck when fishing. Doesn't matter if they're fresh or dried. I spent 1/2 hour during a tournament flinging banana chips out of the boat. They snuck in the boat in a bag of Fruit/Nut snack mix. Jo
  4. A co-worker told me her husband got a ticket last week for not having the proper endorsement on his drivers license. $80.00 ticket. He was pulling his cabin crusier which was on a 30 ft trailer. There could be something about the length/size of the trailer. Jo
  5. JoJo

    Senco lovers

    We started using Tiki sticks last year. Instead of garlic, these are inpregnated with Anise. I actually put a few Senkos in a bag of Tiki's and they picked up the scent. Price is only a little lower than the Senkos, but we like the action of the Tiki's Give the pumpkin swirl color a try. Jo
  6. WGMSA, if you were fishing Tonka last weekend, you no doubt saw tons of bass boats. They were pre-fishing for the MN Pro/AM TOC which is this Friday and Saturday. We fished Tonka both days last weekend and didn't really notice much except the lack of crazy people. First time in months we actually stayed on the lake past noon. Jo
  7. Anyone heard from EBass? Geez man, if you're still alive, give us a report. Jo
  8. Basspastor, check your hotmail acct. Jo
  9. 3 Dozen isn't going to last a week or two. Years ago we had a 8 inch bass in an aquarium. He was eating a dozen goldfish every other day. When he hit 10 inches, the cost was killing us, so he was released. Jo
  10. JoJo

    6 pounders

    Fishingaddict, that fish was caught on O'Dowd. And yes, it was eaten by a guy that used to work for the same company I do. Apparently, they used the head to get a guesstament on the size. Jo
  11. Basspastor, what has made you so bitter lately? You seem to want to argue or disagree with everyone. Cheer up, life is to short. Jo
  12. JoJo

    Where do they go

    This is long but worth the read. Below is what Ralph Manns sent me when I requested the released bass information. The following was posted on the discussion pages, is therefore not protected by copyrite, and can be posted/quoted by you. Ralph Manns There have been additional studies since I wrote Article 5 in the BFHP. (sorry guys, no link, you know the rules) Articles section (please read it), but little has changed. Almost all healthy bass moved away from a familiar area wander in search of their home areas. This can take their entire life if they don’t eventually blunder to an place where some clue (visual, smell, current, whatever) shows them which way to go. They are not psychic! About 50% make it home in most studies. These returns are within days for nearby captures but may take years over long distances. Given two direction as options, this suggest about half make the right choice in which way to start going. Bass have migrated over 20 miles in tagging studies, but this doesn’t mean they knew where they were going. Unless a water is forked several times and the distances so great that the bass don’t live long enough or the migrant finds a river that goes the wrong way, just following a shoreline will eventually get 50% back home. > From observation of caught and released fish, they do one of two things immediately after release. If able physically, the move away several hundred yard, then stop to rest and recover for as long as 2-3 days before starting to wander (or if they know the way home because home is fairly close and they’ve been here before, they go home as rapidly as possible. If badly stressed, bass go to the nearest cover or the open bottom immediately after release. They usually just sit there until strength either returns or they die. And many die if modern livewell treatments and procedures aren’t used. Please read my article 18. Studies show displaced bass are more vulnerable to anglers than bass in their home areas. Territorial fish have the upper hand, and literally can chase away most bass, even much larger ones, from feeding areas that are worth defending. At the moment I feed a 21.6 inch fish that easily and repetitively chased away a 19-inch male even though the male is familiar with the feeding station. Likely, being forced away from better feeding areas and the instinct to move to find home, combine to create this increased vulnerability to anglers. As a result of tournament releases, there is an increase in the number of vulnerable and catchable bass in and near release areas. Better-run events use a release boat and move caught fish away for release. But, this is really only a very minor improvement, as it doesn’t take fish back to where they were captured and merely makes them harder for other anglers to locate. Nothing beats the survival of bass that are immediately released at the point of capture. If you wish to exploit the advantage created by recent releases, try both the immediate release area (bass recovering from stress that haven’t yet moved away will hit as soon as they are able to move freely) and any clusters of cover and points along nearby shorelines where bass migrating away may pause and rest are likely targets. However, bass still recovering from capture stress created by the previous event(s) are even more likely to suffer post-release mortality if taken through the livewell and handling of yet another contest. Jo [This message has been edited by JoJo (edited 05-29-2003).]
  13. JoJo

    Where do they go

    I read a article some time ago written by Ralph Manns. I e-mailed Ralph and asked if he could post his information here. From what I remember, this article contains information about LM and SM. Jo
  14. Morning Chev. Once everyone has checked in, numbers are drawn and each team is assigned a number. Your number is your take off position. Also, remember that number, you'll need it a weight in. Jo
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