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  1. No experience with Nills but I have the 8" Kdrill and its awesome. I love showing it off and once you use it, as Jim said your sold. I hear they are coming out with a Kdrill 9" and if that works as I expect I will be done with gas augers of any kind. I rent houses and move often. I am also getting older and K drill is making my job easier. Love it so far.
  2. K-drill is awesome. I have the 8". I heard they are working on a 9", if true I will have one. Had an Ion and I would take the K-drill over that any day. Light and fast cutting. love the SM Honda 10" for rentals but for poking around scouting the K-drill is all I use.
  3. This is a post on the low flame issue that was brought up awhile back along with a question. As most said the low flame is normal and says so in the manual. I just picked one up, a used one. Hooked it all up and had very minimal flame. I have several of these units in rental houses so I am able to compare. The unit I just picked up is an abnormally low flame. I took a little square head bolt out of the black pipe that goes directly into the burner and blew it out. This was a mistake as at this point I can not get the burner to light. Ok now I need to get to the burner. I took apart the unit and took the burner out and blew it out real good then reassembled the unit and wa-la great flame and great heat, better then my newer units. Now for the ? part of my post. I am having a 10degree drop in the temp before the unit starts back up. My other shacks are not much better but a little. Anyone have any experience with this issue?
  4. I have these in my rentals (very reliable) but I have never had to work on one. The obvious is blockage I guess, and would require getting the burner out to inspect. I buy mine from a local gas company. If you have such a place you could give them a call, they may be able to help you or fix it.
  5. How does the 10″ re-open holes? I currently have the Honda lite 10″ and its a great auger, I have zero complaints and it re-opens hole like a dream but I need a back up auger and have considered the ION for some time. I have no problem getting another Honda lite either but another reason for looking into ION is I have several houses with 8 holes and cleaning out ice ships is a time consuming ordeal. I have heard you can put the ION into revers and clean out holes??
  6. I went from a pro4-jiffy(very heavy) to a strike lite. It is a great auger, cuts fast without the house mess of high speed spinning Jiffy. Lite and re opens holes very well. Will be buying another very soon.
  7. The taxi called me this morning and said the bear has a block head witch means not allot of length but should score at around 20 inches.
  8. 3 guys and I was able to get wheeler and trailer right up to it so we just had to drag it up the ramp, it took more then one pull. The field dressing was also interesting!!
  9. My son's first bear, will be hard for him to top it. See post "Big bear down" for more info.
  10. Yea this bear had the "WOW" factor, im still in awe as is my son
  11. My son Dean took his first bear this past Sunday (9/13) and it was no average bear!! We had one bait station that was getting hit regularly by 2 bears, one being close to 2 hundred pounds and the other just a bit larger. These bears were coming in during daylight on a pretty regular basis,,,,,,,,,,, till the acorns started to drop. The bait was only being visited every few days and then only once in the last week. The regular visits had stopped and hopes of getting one of the average bears was not looking good. We were freshening the bait daily since season started but the bait was being hit less and less. This past Sunday it was very windy and a little warm but Dean decide to spend the afternoon in the ground blind at the bait. At 7pm a bear that we had not seen at the bait before came in. With the bear looking at the blind Dean had little time to analyze the bear, in fact he did not see the bear come in due to playing on his phone. He looked up and the bear was there at 30 yards. The bear turned his head to the bait and Dean was able to make the shot. I was near and heard the 300 win mag bark but waited for him to call. When he called he could hardly talk and I said im on my way. I was expecting a 200# bear to be laying by the bait. Well the bear bolted at the shot but only made it 30 yards but out of page of the blind. I walked down and saw the bear piled up. I got up to the bear and could not believe my eyes. It was a beast. We were in awe of the size. The big boar dressed at 420 pounds with an estimated live weight of over 500. We are still in disbelief of the whole hunt. This bear had not been seen on the camera all season. Right place at the right time!!! The first pick is off the trail camera before the shot.
  12. Sounds like MB is the place to check out. I rent fish houses and don't travel far with them to the ice. The full 8' allows for fold up bunks that are needed and the extra space is nice. That's for all the replies.
  13. Thanks for all the replies guys, they are very helpful
  14. I will be and have started looking around for drop down fish house trailers. I am seeing some different prices out there and am looking for opinions. Has anyone any experience with Miltona Black smith trailers? I'm only looking for crank down trailers and I want them a full 8' with wheels outside 8' so they will need to be custom. I know its not road legal but don't care. Feel free to pm me.
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