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  1. The lifetime cost is figured on a 20 year basis. So you B/E in 20 years. This includes time value of money and inflation. . Remember your 5% interest is taxed as income. So your $400 getting 5% is really getting 3.5% based on 30% bracket ($14 year). Inflation is averaging 3.1% currently. . I'll break even in 2019.
  2. The reason insurance companies will not use stated amount for valuation is that certian folks will state a value at $15000 for a $5000 vehicle- crash it and take the cash. The only true stated amounts are for classic cars which dont really carry a true ACV. There are two ways to value vehicles - third party appraisers (nada) and market comparisions. No insurance company uses kelly blue book as it is inaccurate. Its a used car salesman value. Custom parts & Equipment - most policies have a stated cap of CPE for payout. All of your gadgets that did not come the manufacturer are CPE. If you even had the dealer upgrade your fish finder its considered CPE. Check your policy for the cap and adjust if necessary. Any thing that is not bolted or attached to the boat is not considered in valuation for total loss. You will have to go thru your Homeowners insurance for rods, tackle, lifejackets, and such. The tournament exclusion in policies is geared around folks that fish for a living. The boat becomes a business use which adds risk which the customer must pay for to get that type of coverage (like car racing). The occasional user which may get in a tourny for fun maybe once a summer is covered. If your in a monthly tourney like grandmaster walleye - it may get dicey - check with your insurance company (not your agent).
  3. http://msnusers.com/dhoium/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=1 trouble attaching over a foot long. took a fathead @ 25'. sick
  4. I have got the new Marcum. Works sweet for me. - My best fishing partner is my old man. Got him a gift cert for either the vex or marcum. Well the SOB is color blind now. He looked at both units, and decided on the Vex due to its color separation. We even looked at the LX5 and its separation. He worked the units and acknowledged that the vex has the better tranducer unit. So he went with it. . Point is: Catching more fish shouldnt be with electronics - it should be with your old man bringing you to a 'Secret Spot' telling you that your $400 machine is (Contact US Regarding This Word) and that he has a spot in his mind. . You could walk away drilling 100 holes - thinking that you may catch one or two more crappies - but this old dog has been fishing this lake for 30 years. Does this new unit make you any more knowledgable? . Well - the Old dude with the new electronics brought me to his same old hole. We marked fish: but: caught the same amount. The old dude loved the new game - ice fishing was more interactive. Cant make them bite more - but at least you know they are there. Watching an old dog play a new game is priceless.
  5. I have never been on ice that doesnt make noise. But those sounds we normally hear seem a bit louder now. Yet my stuff is packed and I will be out tomorrow. Get busy fishin' or get busy dyin'.
  6. And to some - its just another regional HSOforum about fishing. It is what you want it to be.
  7. They are saying that you have to pick up a new license every year (If you live in MN or not). The new license is free, but a hassle to stop in to a license center every year - because most workers dont have any idea what your talking about or how to enter the lifetime exemption. Can do over the net, but MN DNR charges $3.00 internet fee - which irritates me.
  8. Anything to do with minnows. If I am ice fishing and leave the minnow bucket lid off the dog will sit next to the bucket, head down staring at the minnows, when a minnow gets to the top - whamo! She ate one off the tip up - hook and all. Also - had a rapala still in the box on the coffee table. When I heard the yelping - I knew what was up. One treble in the mouth - the other treble in her paw. Try calming a lab down with that mess going on. Looked like a murder scene with all the blood scattered. Dog will chomp every fish except rockbass & tullibee. Wont even get close to those.
  9. Italian wels catfish: fish was caught (and released) in Italy in the Po river http://www.grupposiluro.it/ Go to pictures and see bunch more just like it
  10. I am going to have to respectfully disagree on any ice rod being worth $75.00. I use some of Thorne bros parts for making my rods & they do have some great stuff. But not for that price. Those guys do hold a very high regard for their rods. One of those guys told me that "every maker of ice rods uses Thorne bros rod design" Come on now. I didnt One last question for you deadstickers. Other than instant depth adjustability - What is the difference between a very sensative bobber, no movement & right depth to that of a deadstick sensative rod? Bobbers dont have to submerge to give a sign - slight movements or 'pops' in a bobber can give a telltale sign that a fish hit coming up & staying up or even an inhale tap. I lose no jigability (is that a word?) with a bobber. I believe its the same technique - just with different tools.
  11. I know what all you guys mean on versatility - but I am joshing on the dudes that come in my ice house with all their fancy equipment and jargon & then prop their rod up on a bucket and call it a deadstick. Just makes me laugh. You can sell those guys anything. Thats why I like those icebusters so well for second hole. Easy to pop on and off, depth adjust & cut to size.
  12. What blows my mind is that people buy $75.00 "deadstick rods" when a dang quarter can buy a bobber which does the same thing. "Ultra sensitive tip for light bites" ..junk I am going to sell "ultra sensative bobbers" next - $5 bucks a pop (for a bobber that barely floats)
  13. J32 - I did the same calculations concerning the life sports license. However, I assumed the license fees would increase equivalently to inflation @ 3% & at 5% thinking fees will rise faster than inflation. The last hike in fees was 97' I think - & that was close to 15%. But they increase only so often. Anyway I was 25 in 01' the first year offered & figured the breakeven is a little over 20years - annualized vs lump sum. (depending on ROI %). So when I am 50 I am in the money.
  14. Just buy one of those under the car hood//emergency type lights. Cut the plug out and attach clamps to the hot & ground. Put in a 12V & go. All under $10 at menards
  15. What stores offer those darters in the cities? & what size is good for about a 18" walleye?
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