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  1. Thank you again for the information. I have removed guides form rods before with gentle heat and a razor blade with some success. I realize these rods are not high end and I thought I might try new guides as a project while I wait for the tons of snow and slush we have on are local lakes dissipates . I do not consider myself in the same company as the craftsmen who make custom rods and have a lot of respect for the talent it takes to make one. Appreciate you sharing the information.
  2. Thanks for the replies. That's pretty much what I thought. I guess it comes under the heading of " Knock Knock Puddin Head ". I have made a few ice rods this year and have done some guide repairs over the years enjoy doing it so maybe I'll look for a set of guides and give it a try. The rods are 6 ' 6'' any advice on which guides? Thanks again.
  3. I have a question for you rod builders about rod guides. I have Fenwick Eagle spinning rods with stainless guides . I notice a lot of friction when reeling in larger fish . I can actually hear a singing noise coming from the rod. My question would replacing the stainless guides with ceramic guides help ?
  4. Thanks eyeguy . Enjoy this site and the post's .
  5. Makes you wonder if all that energy needed for 1 seed is worth the effort . Although I have seen Chickadees take more than one seed at a time and fly away.
  6. I think it is about $7 a bag. Not many birds for the last 10 yrs or more so now with the Squirrel proof feeder I probably use 2 bags in a season . Biggest problem is the Assups will get in the feeder and sweep back and forth with their long beaks spewing seeds all over the place which brings in the Pigeons . Last couple of years we have had Merlins nesting in the area who like to dine on Pigeons which is OK with me.
  7. Sorry misquoted name, it is Wild Delight nut and berry. It is a mixture of nuts and fruit pieces . I buy t at L and M .
  8. I use Wildberry seeds in the feeder, hang a thistle seed sock and a suet feeder. The Chickadees will feed on the thistle and the Assups love the suet. I haven't seen Redpolls around here for several years. The Goldfinches leave about the time the leaves start falling.
  9. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life make a Finnish woman your wife.
  10. Can't post pictures as of now. But I will try to explain. On the Wright McGill I used a 3/32 threaded brass rod . Drilled a hole in the neck just above the spool. Positioned the aprox 3/4 " loop out about 2 '' in front of the spool and at the same height where the line enters the spool. On the CGI I formed the rod in an arc to fit on top of the fender and located the loop the same area as the Wright McGill . I fastened it to reel fender with JB weld. When you are using a rod holder outside this really helps to keep the wind from spooling the line off but doesn't help if your jig stops before you can stop the free spool . Just a note. I just saw this morning Clam has a guide mounted in front of their Inline. I hope this helps.
  11. Been there done that . I have 2 CGI s and 1 Wright Mcgill Tony Roach ( Eagle Claw) . When I set them up outside the wind would spool the line off and of course get snagged in the nut holding the spool in place. I made a brass rod about 3 in with a loop on the end and fastened to the reel. I run the line through the loop. It helps quite a bit. The drag is another matter.
  12. Check out Surface Tensions post on the Nils adapter . Good info.
  13. Thanks Rebelss. You just can't emphasize the importance of a C/O alarm especially with the new fish houses being built so tight. My service man just ran into a B/O furnace on a no heat after hours call. Home owner was very lucky and of course no alarm.
  14. Thanks Frank for the interesting post. I love my 8''Nils with the Milwaukee drill. I get about the same results in 14" / 16 " ice . I have the old style Clam plate which is kind of a pain to remove the chuck so I will be looking in to that adapter. I have quick connect pins for both the 8'' Nils and my 6'' Mora hand auger which I have adapted to fit the plate. . I use the 6'' to locate fish . A lot of times I'll put a 6'' hole along side the 8'' for my transducer. Great system all around. Thanks again Frank. Tinker.
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