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  1. the nature boy

    Nyjer seed

    I've cut them off. The Redpolls waste too much. They can now eat off the ground or settle for the sunflower seeds.
  2. the nature boy

    Raptor of interest

    They're both in direct sunlight.
  3. the nature boy

    Raptor of interest

  4. the nature boy

    Raptor of interest

    And here is a shot of an authentic Great Horned Owl I shot today in the same place. Notice the difference in coloring and the real deal doesn't have it's head on backwards - just offset.
  5. the nature boy

    Raptor of interest

    I've been told by a trusted authority that this is a subarctic subspecies of a Great Horned Owl. I photographed this in southern MN a week and a half ago.
  6. the nature boy

    Anything to be concerned about?

    Thanks for the advice. I took out the drain plug and although it's not the color of milk, it is the consistency of milk but is a brownish yellow. Now that I did some research, I guess a light golden brown is normal. It did drip about 1/2 dozen drops overnight, which is why I checked it. I guess it's nothing to be too concerned with I guess. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. the nature boy

    Anything to be concerned about?

    Correct - 1995 25 hp Johnson.
  8. the nature boy

    Anything to be concerned about?

    And the oil is from?
  9. the nature boy

    Anything to be concerned about?

    My boat had been sitting for about a month in a garage and I just got done pulling it home from 215 miles away and a couple days later I see this - oil mixed with water.
  10. the nature boy

    Weed whacker issues

    I stopped at a small engine shop on my way up north Monday and he confirmed what RebelSS said. I got some yellow tubing and after struggling for almost 1/2 hour, got the lines reconnected and went out and whacked some weeds. Thanks for all the replies.
  11. the nature boy

    Weed whacker issues

    It just looks to me like something is out of place. If not, I'll just get myself some tubing and go back at it. Those gas lines sure do deteriorate fast.
  12. the nature boy

    Weed whacker issues

    I started the weed eater yesterday and gas started dripping down. I found one of the fuel lines had split. I found some oxygen hose that I thought would work and although the proper size, it was too soft and would continue leaking where it connected. I just need to get the proper tubing. However, while messing with it I noticed what appears to be a gasket sticking out in one area, as shown in the photo behind the pull cord handle. This doesn't look quite right. It's tight and can't possible move so how did it get in this position? We went from 3 small engine shops locally to just 2 and the one no longer works on weed eaters and the other is just a 1 man shop inside a Hardware Hank and I was told it would be a 6 week wait. By then it will be just about time to get the snow blower ready.
  13. the nature boy

    Rare hawk

    Came across this hawk on Earth Day at the edge of town. I've been told dark morph Red-tail, dark morph Swainson's and dark morph Broa- winged. Anyway, it's a dark morph some kind of hawk.
  14. the nature boy

    Forums go dead??

    I agree that the forums have gone dead. I've been a member for years but when the format changed I couldn't log back in and it took weeks to get a reply to my inquiry regarding this. Therefore, I rejoined under a new username. I've always participated in the Photo Sharing and Bird Watching forums. Years ago, it was common to get a dozen or more replies to an informative post or a photo that I took. Now, even though there may be 100 or more views, it's shocking to get more than a couple replies. It's not even unusual for mods to seemingly be off the grid for months at a time. Now that I have a place near Park Rapids, I was hoping to find some fishing info on that sub forum but nada. Another dead area. I think a lot has to do with laziness. If a person has the time to read a post, they have time to reply to a post. Anything to encourage a person to continue posting would help. Just a reply such as "that's interesting info, thanks" would be encouraging. Anyway, it is what it is unfortunately. Personally, I find FB is only good for businesses promoting, nosy people and people that like to brag.