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  1. The update so far: CO has not returned my call. County says they do not use drones and that it would be the watershed dristrict. Tracked down the watershed district and they say it was not them and they do not have any work like that planned. No call back from the wildlife management area manager to confirm it was who he thouht it would have been. This just seems odd now. Guess I will call the supervising CO.
  2. The update - so far. Left message with the CO last night, he has not called back yet. Started eating at me around 11:00 AM today, called the DNR Main Office - they said they do not use drones at all. But gave me the head of the wildlife area, left a message for him, he called back in 5 minutes. This is where it gets a little interesting, he asked for details, I shared the spot and then he stated he was sorry it happened, it may have been a contractor working for Anoka County doing ditch surveys. Sounded like they had been communicating for a little over a week about the survey/
  3. My son came home from duck hunting this evening, a bit up set, he was hunting on the wildlife management area near us and had a drone buzz him multiple times. Scared away at least one flock of ducks. Questions: Does anyone know if the Minnesota DNR is using drones to scope out hunters? Sure seems like harassment no matter who is doing it. No good way for him to get out of the swamp and try to track down who was operating it. Calling the DNR next to at least report the incident. He has a video of the drone, but it is tough to make much out for details. Pretty frustrating for a college k
  4. Your stories about your dogs brought have brought few tears to my eyes; decided I should be grateful this season for a dog that I truly thought would not be able to hunt this season, a vet had even told me maybe I should consider new activities for him. By the numbers, it has been good, just not a great season, my wife son and I have harvested quite a few wood ducks, some teal and some mallards. I don’t ever remember shooting so many woodies so late into the season. Most of our hunting has been up in the Leech Lake, Winnie area. What really makes this season memorable is my 20 year old son
  5. This one is a little long, sorry, but I think we bear hunters that hunt with others in a group need to pay attention to the rule changes being proposed. The short version is the DNR is clarifying the baiting rules because they are confusing (agreed). To that end, even the first draft of the rule change was wrong according to the person who published the information, the first draft was going to require guides to put the clients names on their bait page signs (I can no longer find that in print). The real clarification I am told was the requirement to include anyone who baits the page on the
  6. I get that, I had one dog's sack freeze one time hunting below zero in Iowa. Turned black after that, I was still entering him in AKC field trials at the time and planning on breeding him. Ultimately, never did breed him, not sure it would have been worth snipping him when I decided not too. The dogs I have now go through breed tests to prove they are good enough to breed, they also have to be certified related to their hips, etc. I am actually training a 9 month old for the spring and fall breed tests now.
  7. I would have to say it was good season and the future looks even better based on what we were seeing. What saved the season for us was putting out a permanent house in which I had just installed a direct venter heater so we could put it on Red and sleep in it. With the changes in the regs on Red it was no longer worth it. With the cold that came in, we set it out where we normally use portables for the last 4 weekends. Saw 20 fish one day, lots of small ones, one of the weekends my buddy took a 34, my wife and I saw one that was even bigger on another weekend, but I don't care to eat them t
  8. Lyme shots every for my dogs (fyi it is Lyme, not Lymes, I was corrected by my doctor when I got it). The vaccine is a little bit star trekish, it goes into outside the dog and into the tick to kill the spirochetes. They made for humans for awhile, I opted not to get it and then it was pulled from the market, they said it was not a big seller.... The snipping discussion reminds me of a great episode on Marred with Children. Poor dogs, I have never had a dog snipped.
  9. After a week of hunting we are 3 for 4. The absolute best part were the pictures from one of our baits sites from the week prior to hunting. We had a bear spend over 3+ days straight at the site. He only left for 10 - 15 minutes between 6:15 AM and 7:00 AM each day. We have almost 3000 pictures of this bear. He could have been the Hamm's beer bear or posed for playboar. Sadly the hunter we had on that site, shot the first nice bear he saw and this one came in 20 minutes later. He was shot by another party 2 days later, broke their 300 lb scale. I am the only one left i
  10. Lots of food and 3 cameras on one site, I like it! We struggle to have a working camera on each of our sites, had 3 out 5 Primos ultra 35 and 55 cameras go goofy on us this year, they take pictures, don't keep the date and run the batteries down. Only used 2 years ago for bear hunting. Big enough to shoot when the head flattens out like that one. Your friend should have some fun.
  11. Hmmmm...... twas 3 days before bear hunting opener, all through the woods bears were eating, some were eating the smorgasbords put in front of them, thanking the picinic basket gods for their bounty and sharing it with all the other bears in the area. Some were eating what little was in front of them, knowing they would have to come back sooner next time if they wanted to be full. Still others for some unknown reason are health food nuts and only eat natural foods that they can pick for themselves. In one area they were surprised by all the strangers walking on their trails from dawn to dus
  12. After 1 week we had 5 out of 7 baits getting hit with at least 11 different bears. 1 bait has 4 maybe 5 bears on it. 1 small chocolate, 1 medium, 1 large and 1 even larger bear. The large bear we nicked named shaggy because of a horse mane/colic type thing he has going, the even larger bear we named Griz because of a hump above his front shoulders similar to a grizzly. All the bears at this pit are boars. The 2 baits that did not get hit are a little bit of surprise because they are the most remote from people and have done well in the past. One of them was opened by wolves. There are
  13. Interesting comments so far. I have left a voice mail for the CO covering the area, as mentioned above it is a vacant position at this time. Video taping a person walking through a bait site, turning it over to CO and then waiting for it to play out in the legal system....not sure how effective that is going to be in the long run. In the short term it is not effective - seems like a major interruption to a hunt, could be what he is hoping to have happen. At this point our group has seven baits established and plan on adding some more this weekend. I would like to know more about the speci
  14. I had hoped when Lynn Rogers removed his collars early this year, it would all fade away. Seems he has come up with a new plan to protect "his" bears. As near as I can tell he adjusted to not having collars quite well, taking the people attending his classes to local feeding stations when bears are sighted. Now it appears he needs to protect those revenue generating bears and is enlisting volunteers to walk "well known" bear trails at morning and dusk from August 28th to September 14th. He is doing it in the name of research, but it sure feels like organized hunter harassment to me. Once
  15. Trust me, taking your kids along at that age will pay huge dividends later, that is if you want them calling you from college and saying - "I just asked for the weekend off, I want you to take me bow hunting for deer" like my daughter does, of course you need to be prepared to drop everything. I have bear hunted with my son when he was young in blind as well, we never saw a bear when he was with, his first year sitting in stand by himself, he saw more bears than I did and havested a nice one. I also agree it is good for them to see that it takes work and does not always pay off, but when it
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