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  1. I fish, therefore I lie

    Lake Nebagamon

    I wouldn't count on open water for the opener just yet. As of Friday, there was a good 24" of solid ice yet to melt.
  2. I fish, therefore I lie

    Best Turkey recipe

    Your recipe kinda starts out like my favorite lutefisk recipe. Take 5lbs lutefisk, add onions, peppers, carrots, potatoes, celery, etc. roast at 350 for 45 minutes. remove from heat. Salt and pepper to taste. Throw out lutefisk and eat vegetables.
  3. I fish, therefore I lie

    It can't just be me

    This season has been a real head scratcher for me. 3rd season in NW Wisconsin had 2 hens and a jake come right in an visit by 6:00am opening morning. A tom hung up somewhere behind them and bellowed for an hour and a half, but never came in. Turns out he was on the other side of a draw and refused to cross it. Later in the week at a different location a single jake came in and that was it. Wind, wind, wind. With 30mph gusts, you couldn't entice a starving dog with a ribeye steak, let alone nuance a wary tom to visit. Hopefully things will have changed when I get back out next Wednesday. I know there are plenty of birds in my hunting territory. It's just too windy. So windy in fact that I only heard one tom gobble on the roost all season. Normally I'd hear between 3 and 7 a day.
  4. I fish, therefore I lie

    Patterning Info, Results and Questions.

    I realize that this thread is a little bit old, but Winchester came out with a really, really nice turkey load a few years back, Longbeard XR. I went from putting 15 to 20 pellets in the killzone(head and neck) at 35yards, to well over 50! T about $2 each, the shells aren't cheap, but are you really going to argue over an additional dollar per bagged bird? Don't just take my word for it. There are a number of independent third party reviews available on line. In my opinion, there's not a better lead load on the market.
  5. I fish, therefore I lie

    Lake Nebagamon

    Ya. fur shure
  6. I fish, therefore I lie

    Lake Nebagamon

    Not yet.
  7. I fish, therefore I lie


    Spring fishing differs a bit from fall fishing in that the fish are significantly more aggressive in the fall, readily chasing spinners and flatfish. I would speculate that drift fishing probably accounts for 99% of legally hooked fish in the spring. The principle key to success is learning the river. Once you're able to identify the types of water that will hold fish in any given condition, most of the battle is over. Then it's just a matter of executing what you've learned. Be patient. There are an awful lot of guys who might fish all season for one hook-up. After you figure things out, you'll probably be disappointed if you're not hooking an average of several fish a day.