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  1. Quote: same here. for my Hbird console side imaging 998 unit, i initially had to change one of the readouts to display temperature. For some reason it was not a default setting. Stupid. Figured it out, was the same thing here. Was a display setting...What a dog and pony show. geez Thanks for your help guys
  2. do you remember what transducer you selected in the install setup?
  3. Does the built in transducer have tempature capabilities at all? Its connected to a HDS 5 but under generic transducer settings it doesnt display temp. Any advice?
  4. Maybe try a bead in front of the swivel or if that isnt working try it an inch or 2 in front of the swivel with a bobber stop holding it away from sliding down to the swivel. This will keep all the "junk" thats catches and slides down the line away from the swivel. Not sure what your using for a presentation, bottom bouncer etc.... Just a thought
  5. Also for the people that look over the back of the seat....keep praticing using the mirrors when the ramps are slow so you eventually get used to it. Empty trailers are hard to see if you in anything other then a pick-up with the tail gate down and also at night you learn to use the tail lights to your advantage. Mirrors are your friends, save your neck!
  6. I had my GF at the time, now wife of 12 years "try" to back in the empty trailer to load the boat once......."ONCE" We got caught on the water with the wind shifting and blowing at 25mph right at the ramp. It was either her trying to land the boat with 3 ft rollers or her backing in the trailer.....So I went with the latter since she said no way was she going to do the boat part. Well once the trailer was nearly hopping against the drivers door of the pick-up i realized that i should have just anchored the boat and swam to shore and then swam back once the trailor was in place. Talk about a helpless moment, doesnt matter how hard you yell noone can hear you with waves smashing and the wind screaming like that.. New bumper and some tubing getting straigtened and all was well but the heat of the moment really tests your ability to understand...
  7. So say me and 9 other buds are out camping/fishing and we all have a possesion limit and the Game Warden comes over to check our coolers as we sit by the campfire. Everything checks out but right as we are to wrap it up with the Warden....We all "gift" our fish to 1 of our unlucky buddies.....Is he totally scewed? lol sounds like a good prank as long as the game warden plays along....
  8. Just picked up a power drive v2 70# with ipilot installed. Still in the box down here in the man cave...Come on spring...lets go already!
  9. Went fishing on boat in six mile on sat and the water temp at stoney point area was around 56-58. Caught 2 eyes right away on fire tiger #7 rap. white bass were caught by the hundreds. nearly every cast of a crank and a bass was on. we had doubles all day and while fun became a pain as they were not our target species. Since we had little luck with walleyes on cranks we began to slip-bob and vertical jig near the bridge. Everywhere we went white bass were abundant near shore. So after the 2 we caught at stoney we motored to mission bay to try a few spots we knew about to no luck. We motored back to the bridge area to stage for the evening bite with little hope and suddenly very late the bite on slips and jigs started to hit. The fish were still biting when it was pitch dark out but we couldnt see anymore and it started to drizzle so we loaded up. Ended up with 8 nice eaters, countless white bass released and sore arms....Great day!
  10. I would like some pics of the 2- 3 Blades 14 1/4" x 24, fits Mercury V6 150-300hp props u have. We have a 200hp opti and im looking for a backup prop or somthing that might make it scoot a little faster. cvikes80 @ gra.midco.net
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