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  1. Fish at dusk and up to a couple of hours after it gets dark. Be quiet, remember they are right below you.
  2. Did you weigh her? I caught 15.5" about three years ago and put her back. I got a photo with it first that didn't turn out real great, but I always thought about a graphite mount from the photo.
  3. There is 3.5 to 4" of good ice on Mill Lake in Douglas County, but bigger lakes like Latoka are still open.
  4. My Stone Legacy Revolution is great, and they are made to hold eight rods, but if you use it for 32" rods you will only get four in there, because they load from both ends. The whole case is about 36" long. I have another one on my Christmas list, but wife wants to get me a new cell phone (so I get better reception when she calls me on the lake).
  5. 2" Kilen's grubs, but I can't find them in black anymore.
  6. Learning the fine points of working a jig is very basic to walleye fishing. For the lakes you will be fishing I'd concentrate on the deep weed edges. Let it fall on a tight line and watch your line. The fish can hit on the drop and you probably won't feel it, but you will see the line jump (unless it's windy). You'll know it's on the bottom when your line goes slack. After that work it back with a steady retrieve or a hop, it depends on the mood of the fish. You'll get a lot of bass and northerns doing this as well. You have fished other species so I assume you know where to hook bait on a jig?
  7. OK thanks, I'm waiting for my favorite lake a little farther north to warm up, but the ice didn't go out until after Mother's Day on this lake, so everything is screwed up.
  8. How far north were you?
  9. I've always looked for 60 degree water. I don't get real excited about them until we're seeing upper 50s.
  10. I snagged one in the gill plate while jigging walleyes once. I was on a shoreline drop off in about ten feet of water and had caught a few small walleyes when I set the hook into something solid that didn't move. At first I thought, "all right!" but then it turned and ran into the basin of the lake, drag screaming the whole way. I had 6lb test so I chased it with the my autopilot, fought it for a half hour (it rained on me twice)and landed it (15 lbs). I had to respool after that, the line was wound on so tight I couldn't cast.
  11. 2dalake

    ice out

    Pick a small and shallow lake, go to the north side (gets more sun) and look in the shallow water where the bottom is dark. If you pick a sunny and calm day, and go late in the morning or in the afternoon many times it seems every blugill and crappie (and a few bass) in the lake could pack into a spot like this. You should be able to see them easily, but they can see you too.
  12. When did the ice go out on that one?
  13. I've been fishing carp for about five years now. My kids wanted to catch something bigger than bluegills and the occasional bass from the dock, so I researched UK websites for rigs and baits. I tried most of them and I keep going back to softened field corn on a bolt rig. We average 17 pounds, and on a good day we hook a fish every 15 minutes or so. I have landed a 32 pounder and I have been spooled a few times. My youngest has a 22 pounder to his credit, caught when he was 8 years old. It makes a great picture over my desk at work. I don't use anything other than field corn now. $5 for a 20 lb bag at Fleet Farm, soak it overnight in a stockpot that I only use for this and boil it the next day on the side burner on my grill. My wife won't let me do this in the house because it smells. I make about five gallons of bait at a time and store it in ice cream pails by freezing it. I thaw one gallon per weekend of fishing. When my brother and his girls are with us we rig two rods and we have had doubles that combined for more than forty pounds before. The kids absolutely love it.
  14. I caught one just a shade over ten in January and put it back. Make more big babies, right? When I told the guys at work and showed the picture they said I was nuts not to mount it. Yesterday I caught it's twin and this one is going in next week.
  15. Keep looking in wider circles. You'd be surprised how far something like that can bounce. The hook should be magnetic, pass a magnet over the area, but watch the surface when you do in case the hook has snagged.
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