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  1. FishinChad

    Truck through Whaletail?

    Heard a truck when through the ice on whaletail, any info?
  2. FishinChad

    Live Bait vs. Plastic - Your Opinion?

    There are times for both, if your a die hard believer in either your missing out when the other would be better. Let the fish tell you, always try both if you can they fish will answer this question every day, and its a different answer.
  3. FishinChad

    It's Coming!!!

    Its already here, plenty of lakes around the metro have been open. Took the boat out Saturday for the first time this year on west metro lake! No fish though.
  4. FishinChad

    Crappie tactics at ice out

    Crappie minnow a foot under a bobber on bare hook is deadly early in the spring, I like to use plasics here and there for crappies but in the spring its all crappie minnows. Seems like they just cant resist it and have been in too many situations where that is all that would work.
  5. FishinChad

    Crappie tactics at ice out

    Shallow on sunny days once the water has had a couple days to warm, but right after ice out I usually find the shallows to be empty, the weather will move them shallow once we get some nice days, but until then I would look just outside of the shallow areas your normally find them in once they move up. Never hurts to check but if you dont find fish shallow right away, fish deeper.
  6. FishinChad

    open water

    I gotta say I think it will be before most of the dates I am reading, that warm loooong rain here around the metro and west did some major damage to already weak ice. As stated some lakes are already starting to open and many are becoming un-fishable, that is a sign that it wont be long. I will be in my boat by the first weekend of april, 10 days!
  7. FishinChad

    winter kill

    I am not sure maybe someone else can anwser, I just remember thinking one of my lakes was ok but then went back a week later to find a bunch of fish dead. Seems like the lakes faired pretty good considering the amount of ice we had and the early freeze date. I know a few lakes made it just fine that are prone to winterkill.
  8. FishinChad

    Do you fish for the fight? Or do you fish for numbers?

    Size and fight over numbers every day I am on the water, weather its panfish or muskie I am always on the hunt for big fish, I dont fish any lake that I dont think has much potential for big fish. Numbers are great if the size comes with it, but I will admit I have many skunked days because of the choices I make to increase my odds of getting big fish.
  9. FishinChad

    winter kill

    I would check back in a couple days and make sure there isnt a bunch of dead fish along the shorelines, check the windy side of course where the fish would blow to. Sometimes you may not see many of the dead fish in the first couple days after ice out, if you dont see any in a couple days I would think your lake made it.
  10. FishinChad

    Please Vote**Secret Word**

    I like the 5 fish total and big fish winner like mentioned above. Could be over 2 weeks or a month, doesnt really matter, but those who get out a lot would benefit a lot from a month long contest.
  11. FishinChad

    Secret Word?

    We sould get the word out this morning so we have the whole weekend, I will be heading out in a few hours! C'mon Da_Chise!
  12. FishinChad

    trolling for crappies

    Great tactic when targeting slabs, doesnt work for all lakes but on at least one of the lakes I fish this is probably the best tactic if you are trying to find only the SLABS! Troll as slow as possible without your bait falling to the bottom, use small spinnerbaits and small rapala type lures, spinnerbait being my lure of choice. Something with the crappies in this lake, we always catch them trolling, big ones, gotten them on big spinnerbaits and even a 15.5" on a big muskie size bucktail.
  13. FishinChad

    So is anyone actually fishing anymore?

    I will be getting out, been almost a week and I am getting the itch!
  14. FishinChad

    Bass from shore

    I agree, waders are the way to go, you can then walk along almost any shoreline of any lake for a long distance and thoroghly cover all the cover, great tactic early in the season!