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  1. creepworm

    Jackrabbit Mystery

    For my job, I spend a lot of time driving around in fields on a four wheeler. So far this year, I have seen 5 Jackrabbits. One in southern Renville county and 4 in southeastern Chippewa county. Very cool animals and I wish there were more around. If you ask me my opinion as to why the population has dwindled, I would say it has to do with fence lines between fields disappearing, especially the ones with large amounts of brush, and the lack of weeds and grass within fields.
  2. creepworm

    MN paddling destination

    Near Granite Falls there is some rocky portions that some would consider rapids. Once you get a couple miles downstream from Granite it is a pretty gentle river, barring any really heavy rains of course.
  3. creepworm

    60th Birthday gift idea

    Canadian fly in bear hunt? Catching walleye all day and bear hunting in the evening is pretty spectacular, and it won't hurt the wallet too bad.
  4. creepworm

    Gopher football 2016

    Any progress this program may have been making is now blown up. I have never seen a school that hates winning as much as the U.
  5. creepworm

    Forbath for mvp

    You must not pay much attention to professional football. Unless your name is Justin Tucker, field goals and extra points have been a huge issue.
  6. I realize you are on an anger driven rant here, but seriously? Food plots are generally half acre or less and planted with the intended purpose of drawing in as many deer as possible. Also, food plots are planted to enhance the success of a hobby. Ag fields are generally much larger, 20 acres on the small end and are planted for the sole purpose of someone making a living. Everything about these fields is done for yield of that particular crop, not how many deer it will attract. However, I do agree with you on several things, including food plots should not be outlawed and I would never decimate the deer population on my land to "stop" the spread of cwd.
  7. creepworm

    Vortex scope info

    I have never used their rifle scopes, but I have a pair of vortex binos that I love. I would compare them to Leupold, at a lower price.
  8. Got it. With everything you write here you seem like a smart dude. So I would honestly like you to answer question #1. I understand it will be a complete guess on your part, but I just don't see these 2 CQD deer as being an island unto themselves. CWD got to them somehow, and it was not magic.
  9. Just a couple quick questions. 1. CWD is transferred by deer to other deer. So, how did these 2 deer contract CWD when there is no CWD anywhere else in MN? Did CWD just magically appear, skipping over all the other deer in every direction from Lanesboro? Or was it passed from deer to deer from a different area and just so happened to be detected near Lanesboro? 2. You love bringing up areas where CWD has been around for several years, so, why do you never mention SW Wisconsin? Could it be because many major hunting publications rank SW Wisconsin as the single best area in the nation to hunt whitetails? Or is there another reason you fail to mention it?
  10. And the deer hunting in Dane county Wisconsin is what? Great, mediocre, or terrible? The DNR can announce an all out war against CWD and deer in MN, but the fact remains that deer are not static, they are constantly moving and do not seem to follow geopolitical boundaries. Therefore, when states such as Iowa and Wisconsin have CWD along our borders, and deer move across those borders, it makes some amount of sense that CWD is something we are just going to have to deal with. Not to mention, CWD can live in the environment for many years, so we would basically have to eliminate deer in a CWD area and keep the population very low for upwards of 15 years to have any effect. Something I would not be willing to do as a land owner and deer hunter.
  11. creepworm

    Double ugly

    Double ugly doesn't even begin to describe that 15 minute national anthem. Wow was that awful.
  12. Most of the land down that way is privately owned. It would surprise me if the DNR could legally hire sharp shooters to go on private land and kill deer without permission of the landowner. I know if I owned land in that area and was asked if sharpshooters could kill deer on my property, I would tell them in no uncertain terms that the answer is no.
  13. Umm, I am no statstician, but "don't care" does not equal "satisfied." Satisfied equals satisfied and dont care equals don't care. I realize you are trying to push an agenda, but when you use statistics, you should use the statistics. Not make up your own.
  14. Also, many of the states that allow the harvest of more than one buck have lottery systems in place to control harvest of bucks. Generally archery licenses are over the counter, rifle are lottery and you may have to wait a couple of years between draws, and muzzleloader is also a lottery and you may not get drawn for 5+ years. So, while it is possible to get drawn for and kill more than one buck in a year, that would most likely mean going several years in between without a buck tag for rifle or muzzleloader.
  15. creepworm

    Go Bison!

    I wish lmit was still posting on here.