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  1. nxtgeneration

    Ez Ducer?

    I've never understood when people say this. Is it possible, absolutely, but for an 8 hour day, with no breaks, you are starting a hole every 4.8 minutes. So with drill time and getting your line in the water you are fishing each hole for under 4 minutes on average and this is assuming there is no time spent moving around.
  2. nxtgeneration

    Frabill Predator or Citadel

    I run a big buddy off an 11# tank and run the hose under the skirt.
  3. nxtgeneration

    Frabill Predator or Citadel

    I have the predator and love it. It will fit in a 5.5' box but you have to prop the front of the sled (angled part) on the end gate. I now switched to a 6.5' box and it fits great. It is extremely heavy once you have it loaded up with gear. Without gear it can be loaded and unloaded with one person. The insulated tarp keeps it nice and warm. Seats are ok, but I've never found a portable with comfortable seats. Side doors are awesome, but I cannot figure out why they don't open the other direction. I would think having the "hinge" side on the front would be better yet.
  4. nxtgeneration

    Devils Lake nd

    Was out behind Pop's Bar on Sunday afternoon for a little while. Fishing was tough as was getting around. We drove out a little ways until the snow got bad. We had four wheelers (no tracks). It was ok going but still lots of snow. After last nights snowfall it will be extremely tough to get around.
  5. nxtgeneration

    Devils Lake nd

    Call Woodland Resort and Ed's Bait Shop. They'll be able to help you out with ice/snow conditions.
  6. nxtgeneration

    Big buddy vs portable buddy

    No question, Big Buddy. $115 at menards after rebate right now
  7. nxtgeneration

    What wheeled fish to BUY???

    With that question you will get more answers and opinions than you will have time to read. You need to be a little more specific, ie. will you use it year around, will you be staying just overnight or for longer periods, do you want lightweight or big and spacious, are you looking for affordability or high quality...the list goes on. I would suggest give as many more details on what you are looking for as you can. rl_sd beat me to it.
  8. nxtgeneration

    The Great Boot Debate

    Usually just one pair of socks, weight depends on the temp and what I will be doing. Ice fishing, its one pair of heavy weight socks. If i'm active its just a pair of medium weight socks. It took me a little while to get used to them but now that I am I don't mind walking in them at all. I've also never had wet feet in them. I believe mine are the Arctic Pro's.
  9. nxtgeneration

    The Great Boot Debate

    I'm with Hawg, love my Muck Boots.
  10. nxtgeneration

    Fuel 2604 vs. 2704 w/ KDrill

    If you want to be using the drill with the k-drill then get the large batteries. the small ones will not last cutting through the ice.
  11. nxtgeneration

    Led strip lights

    I bought a couple 24" stick on ones. One on a roof pole and one in the sled. Bought a clam battery bracket to hold a vex battery. I built a switch box that has a switch for each light, a fan the hangs from a roof pole, and a 12v/usb plug in. put my fuses in the box and connected to alligator clips to hook up to the battery. i also put a digital battery indicator in the switch box so i can monitor my battery level.
  12. nxtgeneration

    Led strip lights

    Are you talking portable or permanent house?
  13. nxtgeneration


    I've used a K-drill many times. I don't own one but a fishing partner of mine does so I've had plenty of use with it. Currently he has a couple 4.0AH batteries and after two seasons they were somewhat worn out. But Milwaukee has a 3 year warranty and he just got them replaced. One wasn't holding a charge as well as it should and the other had bad contacts. Anyway if I was in the market for a new drill i would pick up a Milwaukee fuel and the k-drill. Like rl_sd said the new batteries that Milwaukee is coming out with could be a game changer. When we are hole hoping we just make sure we have the charger and a small inverter with so we can just plug them in in the pick up or on the wheeler so the battery life hasn't ever played a big role.
  14. nxtgeneration

    Frabill side door shack vs regular flipover.

    I was pretty set on getting a voyager or the jason mitchell thermal x but now i'm taking a hard look at the frabil predator 4255. I have a smaller clam that i use when i'm alone and when its not to cold but im looking to get something larger and insulated for when my wife is with and its colder out. i was pretty set on clam but the side door setup looks very tempting.
  15. nxtgeneration

    Vexilar vs Marcum

    In my experience this is backwards. I have always had much better luck with everyone running a vex. Once someone shows up with a Marcum we can never get the interference to quit