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  1. So, Leech, you fish over top of your sonar? The hole is behind your apparatus from appearances. Interesting. If I was to use the PVC I could build it up higher to save my neck from bending down. Sure looks neat.
  2. Fireman, your creation with PVC is impressive. A collection of 90 degree elbows and 60 degree (?) and a saw opens up a lot of creations. I have not done that sort of thing but imagine not too hard if access to the parts and a good saw. Will try the 5 or 6 gallon pail but keep what amounts to adult tinker toys in mind. Thanks. Very cool.
  3. I will use my 5 gallon pain immediately and perhaps, though my lid is a little convex, I can put the tackle box on top of the pail lid. i will look at my pop-up interior and my clam interiors and see if I can suspend something. I could see doing that e.g. put a plywood floor with a small diameter rope in each corner and hang it Thanks all. And keep adding comments if you have more.
  4. Looking down at my sonar and rod tip for hours on end is getting to be a killer as I get older. Hurts while I do it and for a few days afterwards. I now set my sonar on top of a tackle box that buys me 11 inches but I could use another couple of feet elevation at least! I drag my gear on a sled so size and weight matter. Hoping the collective experience of the Forum can come up with some solutions. Has to be light yet stable and ideally impervious to water and cold conditions.
  5. I am definitely going to invest in some of the Reflectix product. The web page, reflexticinc.com, has a long list of "applications" but no ice shelters. They should read this forum. It sounds like you guys are buying the Reflextic Single Reflective Insulation product, which has the radiant barrier plus 5/16 inch of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles. The reflective barrier faces into the house and has the bubbles between me and the walls. It is inexpensive and easy to cut so with some of the photos provided, I should be able to figure out something that would fit into my pop-up Ice Cube and take down quickly, when time to fold up, slip it into its case, plop it into my sled and trek home. I would only need to do that with the "winter II" that we have had lately, when temps in the single digits or below. If I do spring for a new clam type shelter I will feel better about the added weight and expense of the thermal skin.
  6. Hey, thanks for the comments. Keep them coming. I just asked my wife about quilts that might relegate to ice fishing. I looked up the Reflectix. A quick search brought me to Home Depot. My pop up presents a puzzle for how to attach either quilt or, in the case of Reflectix, how to attach the radiant barrier to the inside of my pop up. I imagine I would get the Reflectix product that is attached to some depth of bubble rap so it would in essence act as a quilt as well as radiant loss barrier. It is pretty inexpensive so I could see trying some and tucking it in between spokes on my pop up. RebelSS, how do you attach it? Do you have a collapsable house or a "perm"?
  7. I have been a fair weather ice fisherman in recent years; 20's and 30's mostly. Today I went ice fishing when ambient temp ~ 6 degrees. I have my old trusty Ice Cube 4 Man which is 81 inches high and 91 X 91 inches for walls. Nice and big...and cold! I could not get it nice and warm despite running my Mr. Buddy, 9000 BTU at max. I wondered to myself how much different I would have been in the Clam Legend XL Thermal. Oh, I know, I would be heating less cubic feet of space and yes, I may be trying to rationalize a purchase, but I do want input on whether the various "thermal" walls or ceilings add more than just weight; weight that a 66 yo man would rather not be dragging around the lake.
  8. I appreciate all the comments I drew with my question about sonars getting along with each other in close proximity. Thought I would publish an actual experience. The long awaited day came today when my son's girl friend came ice fishing. This was literally her first time. I had 3 sonars at my disposal. I started her on my best one which is the FL-20. She picked up on it and caught some nice panfish! My son fished a hole not 4 feet away with a Marcum lx-3 which I borrowed from my son in law. They were both catching fish and I was in heaven. I putzed around keeping my eye on them and after an hour I joined them with another hole same 3 - 4 feet away in L shape. I used my old Lowrance 522c which is an LCD but, I actually like the way the screen looks and it is pretty fast...not good enough to nudge out my FL-20 but a good back up and all three of these machines could be used with interference that was quite acceptable! So, a good day and I thank you again for jumping in with advice.
  9. I have a Vexilar FL-20 that I am perfectly content with. However, my son and his girl friend are excited to do some ice fishing this year. They presently have no sonars (I am going to supply them). I have a typical 4 man pop up type ice house. What kind of sonar would get along the best with my Fl-20? Another Fl-20 (or any other newer Vexilar)? A different brand e.g. mix my FL-20 with a Marcum lx3? It is very important to me to get these young people interested in ice fishing so I want good flashers with minimal interference. I can fish through some interference but to learn, it will help if they have minimal interference.
  10. Hey, thanks for the help. I did get an idea that I think will do it. I called the Shorlandr company and got the idea of getting a different "post", which can he had for 2 - 3 00 dollars. It will accept the 2 stage manual that I got (Fulton F2 2 speed) and, if I chose to, I could also mount an electric winch. The post that came on my trailer basically could only accept the manufacturer's winch. I did like the idea of backing down a bit if I still get to a really tough point in the winch process and the other thoughts as well. Hope this buy's me more time on the water. I have always been a mobile fisherman. Had a dock / lift but only used it a few times a year, preferring to have rig on wheels, ready to go wherever beckons .
  11. I have a Lund ProV 1775 on a Shorlander R 30/31 roller trailer. I have cancer which has metastasized to bones plus the treatment thins bones. When I bought this rig 10 years ago I could crank it up no problem. Now, when I get to that last 10 feet or so, when the weight is most noticeable, I really have to work hard and I do fear breaking a bone. I tried putting an electric winch and a 2 speed manual crank over the winter. Neither fits the Shorlandr trailer! Possibilities range from getting a new trailer that, say, the two speed manual winch would fit on all the way to getting a lighter boat. I wish the collective wisdom pool behind this Forum can come up with some ideas.
  12. Thanks for all the input, gang. I know the weather changed abruptly, over night, but rather thought fishing (and hunting deer) was good right before those honker high pressure systems came through. I fished on the 27th from 3 - 5 and at 8 pm wind switched to W NW and elevated. The barometric pressure increased too. Always a puzzle. I was on foot or would have explored other areas more.
  13. Fished a lake twice within the past 10 days and had good luck both times for panfish in 20 plus fow. The general area is long and narrow. Today was near 40 degrees and a Saturday. The place was a zoo. Snowmobiles, ATVs,cars and trucks ran back and forth. A group about 50 yards from me ran a gas generator that sat directly on the ice. The fishing reminded me of late January. Sluggish and shy. Should I have just folded up and moved to a quieter spot or is the noise factor over rated?
  14. Focused on Northern Pike yesterday. Mille Lacs Lake - Cove Bay was 51 - 53 degrees. We went to usual hot spots, mainly weed beds. Weeds were all dead; no new green stuff visible. Tried from 2 feet out to about 7 feet. Casting spinners and trolling spoons and Rattlin' Raps. The few NP we did catch or see (follows) were in amidst old reed beds. But overall, it was very quiet. We seldom fish NP in such early conditions. So, question is; where are all those big bad Mille Lacs NP that are supposedly chomping down on walleyes?
  15. Hunting the D season. Tonight was first day I could be out. I have my pop-up blind at a traditionally good spot on a pie shaped bluff top...a rather small one. Tonight I was exiting my blind less than 5 minutes before end of shooting time. As I emerged from blind I was startled to see a bird about 40 yards away. He / she had been in my blind spot (behind my 180 degree viewing area). It flew. Now, I wonder to myself if I should continue to hunt that spot tomorrow or move the blind a bit. There are not a ton of turkey tracks in the snow (we got about a foot on Wednesday night into Thursday) If I have blown my spot for one of the several possible Toms / Jakes it will reduce my possibilities. Any advice on how likely it is that turkey will avoid the area or the blind?
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