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  1. Do you have a link or direction to the strobe and the UV lights? I saw LRG had them too but I couldn’t find em.
  2. I"ve bought mine, full bellies, at Costco for less than $3/pound. Split into 3rds for zip lock brining. Use the amazingribs.com "bacon" and "cure calculator" and read the "science of curing". Very interesting about why not to cold smoke and using the pink salt, prague #1 vs. Mortons TQ. Overall the site just offers good science about WHY? and myth busting. With my pellet smoker, GMG, I like to use one of the extra smoker tubes (Premium Pellet Smoker Tube 12") to get some extra smoke on the bacon. This is $16 on Amazon and equal to A-Maze-n for $28 in the store. Last batch I smoked at 180 vs. 225 but to an internal of 155 none-the-less. It's fully cooked this way, you wont cook off all the fat, and fries and slices just like any other bacon. Best part is you can slice off the ends and eat them hot from the smoker. Science says you need at least go to 131 to kill even heat loving bacteria.
  3. Great project you've completed. Thanks for sharing. I'm working on a build of my own. Any links or photos of the hole lights you did?
  4. I use the Dewalt 20 Volt MAX XR Lith Ion Brushless 3-Speed 1/2" Hammer Drill # DCD996 on an 8" K-drill. No plate. Works awesome with the 6aH battery pack. I do for some reason have a harder time getting my holes plumb?
  5. I bought a Cadillac once. Only Chevy's and a Jeep still in the garage. Today I bought the Vex flx 28 given the reports of 10-15-20 years out of Vex units. Also the reports of being being able to download updates sounds more like a chore than a benefit. Also, 549 for the pro packII at mills till 1/12!
  6. I've only drilled 10 holes with my new K-drill but finding it may be tricky to get the hole plumb for some reason.
  7. As I've researched this issue for my house I've found a possible solution; Go Power TS-30 automatic transfer switch. It has 2 inputs and 1output. The primary input current keeps the secondary input switch closed. Thus the generator could be primary with inverter secondary. No generator primary input allows the inverter power through the output to the outlets. I've just looked at this so possibly/likely other makers of this same switch.
  8. Just arrived K-drill 8" from Reeds. Replaced my older DCW996 with another from hsolist. Works awesome. Will no longer be using the strike master Electra. My other tools are dewalt so wouldn't spring for the Milwaukee and my manual says Dewalt works also.
  9. I suppose the membrane uses an adhesive then what did you trim around the edges with? Had you considered the 1 piece galvanized from American Surplus.
  10. Nice build. Good inspiration thanks for the posts. Was the gove dryer your heater vs forced air furnace? I'm in design phase and concerned about battery draw of the forced air.
  11. Sweet house. How do you secure the roof?
  12. Wife and I make these. Buy them in bulk and glove up. Half and seed. Mix cream cheese and shredded cheese and seasoning for the stuffing. Top w/ some more cheese or olives or cocktail weenies or wrap w/ partial piece of bacon held w/ toothpick or (wait for it) weenie and bacon! Freeze on cookie sheet and transfer to zip locks. Maybe the flat picks wouldn't poke through the bag as readily but we've froze as many as 12 packs of 12-18 halves and no problem with freeze and use in 6 months. Take em out and cook in foil on grill, or oven, or pizza cooker. We've tried deep frying w/o success though we like best baked w/o breading or batter anyway.
  13. I've also read something in an article about a particular temp range that I can't remember. I do remember the article going on to say put it down when the lilacs bloom.
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