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  1. Looking around some tonight and the main page (1st link) shows $200 off the Cabin Pro XT. Open 2nd link for the Cabin and shows full price so maybe changes in the cart or have to call and check. Capra's Outdoors: https://caprasoutdoors.com/ice-fishing/icefishing-shelters-sleds/icefishing-shelters-sleds-otter.html https://caprasoutdoors.com/ice-fishing/icefishing-shelters-sleds/icefishing-shelters-sleds-otter/otter-xt-pro-cabin-package-2-person.html
  2. I'm not sure how the strips you use attach but you could always stick one on the inside under the seats somehow, maybe real short bolts.
  3. I wired in some LEDs into the top cross bar and inside the tub. Put a switch box on the side or switches on the tub rail. First 4 images are what I had in my Lodge, 1 over head white light LED and multiple red in tub LEDs lights. Switches mounted on the tub edge and a battery box that I connected alligator clamps to for power. In the Resort I had a similar setup but changed to white lights up top and in the tub because I didn't like how dim the red was for finding things. 2 white LEDs above running off a dimmer switch and a better box to contain the switch connections, on top you see switches and dimmer knob. Video of dimmer on upper lights with spot lens in, changed to flood lens and tosses light much better: 20161009_130035.mp4
  4. I agree about the lodge. After gear and any snow it can become a heavy pull. The lodge fit in my 1500 chevy silverado (6.5 ft box) as long a you put the flat end of the tub to the front and when closing the tailgate you had to pick up the end of the sled just a little for the gate to close.
  5. I have had 3 of the otter pro xt's, a cabin, lodge and resort. I still have the resort and recently purchased the cabin. I have not had many different brand portables but have fished in other brands buddies have. They are the nicest portables I have personally owned and until I try something I like more I wouldn't change from them at all. The resort is heavy and not something I like dragging far by hand especially loaded with gear and much snow on the lakes. But it has tons of room and I have fished 4 people in it before, a little tight but doable. The cabin I purchased for more hand pulling and an extra for if I have people along. They are very warm and I have fished in them down to -30 deg F. A regular buddy heater keeps them plenty warm, if it isn't to cold or the house is banked well its easily t-shirt weather inside. The resort needs a big buddy heater for colder days sometimes due to the larger size but isn't terrible with a regular. Overall very happy with them all and have been very durable. Also no dripping of water from the ceiling. Highly recommend a set of hyfax for the bottom. I had over 1000 miles pulling my old lodge and they hyfax held up great but I always pulled on snow and not across asphalt much at all. Changes I have made to them: - added a battery box and inside LEDs - used stainless screws on the band that hods the fabric to the tub only because I don't like the look of the rusted screws. If you think you'll be purchasing one I would recommend stopping at a Gander Mountain if you have one near by and getting a set of hyfax since they are going out of business there is a good amount of ice gear. I found hyfax recently there for $15 a set.
  6. My recommended light: https://www.oznium.com/10w-stackable-cree-led Very bright and small. Put a dimmer switch online and can adjust output also https://www.oznium.com/led-dimmer-knob 20161009_130035.mp4
  7. I just posted under the led light strip topic about where I get lights from. But for a hub style house you could always pickup a led type light used for mounting on a vehicle. Attach some longer wires to a switch and the battery, put a clamp on the light and it could pack away nicely while moving. I broke to many lanterns dragging across the lake that this is my system now and couldn't be happier
  8. I have purchased led lights from oznium.com . They have quite a selection from solid and flexible light strips and many other light options and switches. Great customer service and fast shipping. Wired my old portable and new one with overhead lights and tub lights from them. 20161009_130035.mp4
  9. I have for sale my Otter Pro XT 1200 Lodge. It has been a great house but I am looking to get the Resort. I purchased the house around Jan. of 2014 from L and M in Virginia, MN. It has been kept in doors and set up to dry after ever outing. No rips or holes, and no hooks have ever been caught in the fabric. I have 4 red LED lights wired in the tub to aid in finding gear in there and also a 900 lumen white LED over head to illuminate the entire house. Both have individual switches to turn on and are run off an ATV battery or flasher battery or whatever you'd like. It has hyfax runners and has spent the very little time crossing any roads or parking lots. Also included is an Otter travel cover. I am looking to get $800 OBO. I am located near the Chisago City area but can meet around the cities and possibly further north.
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