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  1. I really would like to sell this boat this week. So... The buyer will receive a guided fishing trip to whatever lake I am catching fish on at the moment. Who is the guide? Me of course! It will be a walleye and crappie trip.
  2. For sale is a 1979 1436 Jon boat. 1998 trailer with led lights. 2001 merc short shaft two stroke 9.9. Graph, lights. Pedestal seats and wood decks in front and back. Really nice hull. No leaks no repairs! Original paint. A great river fishing boat. The boat is rated for a 20 hp. But the 9.9 plains it out fine with two people plus gear. I just don't use it. This motor is the best running outboard ever made! You will not be disappointed. Current tabs and lifetime trailer license. Email me for pictures. [email protected] Include your phone number please. Located in isanti. $1500.
  3. where does everyone get thier frogs. what bait stores carry them(if any). i'm having trouble catching them, thems are slippery rascals!
  4. i just got back but i only caught one #6 lots of #1-ers bieng caught next to me. better than work'n
  5. thanks steve, these tiger nuts inrigue me. where do you get them?
  6. ok i think ill check it out on monday ya think boilies will work?
  7. where is the best place to find carp in the river? are backwaters better? logjams? eddies? sand? gravel?......I need some help here!
  8. a couple of years ago a firend and i were fishing on the pond by my house and a nothern took his pole, anyway last summer i snagged a line and reeled it in. still works too! ------------------ if it an't broke, your not trying!
  9. I must deploy my secret goldmember lure! tipped with preperation-h. it is unstopable!!
  10. well put honda all the way!
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