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  1. The ice isn't safe, but under it the trout were getting antsy. Managed to catch some good under-ice footage of them getting ready to spawn.
  2. I suppose the muskrats down south don’t use feed huts often, but in Alaska nobody really even traps them and its legal to set on feed huts (we call them pushups). Anyways we had a fun night tonight checking our sets and ended up 4 for 10.
  3. handed this one off to my boy. Fishing wasn't great, but this one was the nicest for the day.
  4. So use the video share for youtube and just use the id part, not the whole http://youtu.be/
  5. Usually I use big shiny spoons like a Swedish pimple or a pixie work really well. our Ice season lasts from late October into mid to late april if you want to push it. The ice gets too sloppy to walk on before it gets too week to support you .
  6. this is a video of my brothers fishing for black bass (aka black rockfish) out of Seward Alaska. At one point a school of them move right to the side of the boat to attack their jigs.
  7. you know what they say! Gold is where you find it!
  8. Thank you for the comments, its loads of fun taking her out, gotta get my hardside out soon so the kids don't get cold though.
  9. thank you, it was actually my first fish of the season
  10. I know this isn't through the ice, but I figured you guys would enjoy this. I went Halibut long lining with a friend in early april. we even had icicles on our reel, I turned the reel so they would stick strait up in the air. Anyway, this is a really cool fishing video, saw a whole bunch or porpoises and caught a bunch of halibut. The weather was beautiful and you have probably never seen more majestic scenery!
  11. My wife caught a short video of me landing a big arctic char a couple of weeks ago. It probably went around 5 or 6 pounds, but I sent it back to my son complaining, "but I was going to eat him!" Fishing was somewhat slow but catching a nice fish made up for it.
  12. Here is some video of a family off-roading camping trip I went on with my inlaws. We managed to find lots of gold too in a homemade sluice box I built.
  13. feel free to share to encourage more people to take their kids ice fishing!
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