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  1. My dog prefers to bury her squirrels for a week or two to tenderize them. She claims that makes them great but I have no interest in pursuing that method either.
  2. You might have bigger things to worry about, like pathogens.
  3. Any chance some herbicide could have drifted from the neighbor?
  4. Not enough velocity for bigger game in my opinion.
  5. Best fix your sarcasm detector.
  6. and a minnkota with a couple batteries.
  7. Smurf might be right, I doubt it, but he might be.
  8. It ain't peeing because you don't have the gas line hooked up!
  9. Impellers develop memory and need replacing
  10. Give del a break! It's gotta be hard for him to see his boiled meat and Trump go down the toilet at the same time.
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