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  1. roony

    What's more aggravating?

    I use to fish the dam back in 1980, You could catch most anything there but, yes, carp ruled.
  2. roony

    What's more aggravating?

    I have calmed myself by saying "it's better to have them on and lose them than to never have them on at all". That only helps a little bit though. The time that stands out most vividly was once I had about a ten inch creek chub on for bait and something hit it down about 25 feet. I waited a few minutes to set the hook and the fight was on. That fished towed my 14 foot crestliner all over that little lake. He started coming up and then there was nothing, just the lips of that creek chub on my hook.
  3. roony

    What's more aggravating?

    Any time your line breaks, (breaks, not bit off) it is solely operator error. That would make it the most aggravating.
  4. roony

    Docks and lifts in by Opener?

    Lots of ice but it can go fast with the right weather. Suppose to be pretty cool for the next 10 days or so though.
  5. roony

    2018 gardens

    I start them on my boiler in the shop, it seems to be just the right temperature. I had some jalapeños that were up in three days this year. One to two weeks seems to be the norm.
  6. roony

    2018 gardens

    Hey smurf, I planted some of my super hots as early as late January and went from there with the other varieties. All my peppers (about 60) are now up and growing under lights. I'll start my tomatoes in a couple weeks or so.
  7. roony

    Air Fryer?

    I bought the NuWave 6 qt brio a week ago. So far have used it to make onion rings and asparagus. It worked flawlessly for both. Frozen onion rings took 15 minutes at 400 degrees. The asparagus took 10 minutes at 375 degrees. I preheated the unit each time. It really seemed to seal the flavor in with the asparagus. Could not believe how good it was for store bought.
  8. roony

    Vikings vs eagles

    Queens will win, go to Superbowl, then lose. You can bet on it.
  9. roony

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    And then there are a select few people that don't know their arse from a hole in the ground and have the time to google chit about any subject imaginable and then pretend to be ex spurts on internet forums.
  10. roony

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    I suppose you assume anyone who drinks any other wine to be a sucker falling for a marketing ploy!
  11. roony

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    That is fine del. A lot of people like Ripple and Boonesfarm wines too.
  12. roony

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    Evan Williams might be ok for the skid row drinker who is more into quantity than quality. I don't drink to excess anymore, when I have a drink I care more about how it tastes than I do about what it does to me.
  13. roony

    Time for a smoke

    Nice! Thanks for sharing this with us. It kinda makes me want to get one of those pellet stove thingys.
  14. Not enough that we help you sell your sled, now we have to help you with the transfer!