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  1. The link below is the controller I wired into the trailer lights. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/emergency-strobe/sho-me-solid-state-random-led-flasher/1744/4257/?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=base&utm_content=11.1005SF&utm_campaign=GoogleBaseChild&gclid=CjwKCAjwxILdBRBqEiwAHL2R87r1hzSVUZ8T2ieXN9JsJAOnfuXAbIMCG29pSg3_u0r3jwhojjU8VxoCDS4QAvD_BwE This is something similar to what I used for the UV lights. https://www.hsolist.com/itm/UV-Ultra-Violet-Pre-Wired-5mm-LED-Bezel-Holder-Light-Lamp-12V/283159605387?var=583566949629&hash=item41eda0b08b:m:mk6zwZ8gIJ57xI4fVVdV5Hg
  2. How about the lift bed on the trolley system? Do you like it? Anything you would do different? Have you weighed your fish house?
  3. Why did you switch from a toy hauler door to a bay window? I kind of wish I would have done a toy hauler now. Also how is your lift bed working? Is it a one man job to raise and lower?
  4. Thanks! I bought it from Ice Castle. Have you put finished pictures of your build in your thread?
  5. hsolist. Lip_Ripper has a link for them in his 2017 fish house build thread.
  6. We are going to be using this fish house as camper as well so that is why I put outdoor speakers in. I don't see myself using them on the lake. I only turn the strobes on when someone is coming out to the house or when we go to shore/bar so it is easier to find when we come back. It is corrugated steel my Dad got from tearing down an old shed. Sounds like VTX has some if you're interested or there is a lot of people on hsolist selling it.
  7. And finally some finished pictures. Rod holders in the back rests of the rear dinette. UV lights in bench for charging glow in the dark jigs. Switches next to the radio control the outdoor speakers and the other controls the exterior strobe lights. I have a strobe controller wired into the trailer lights. I did LED strip lights instead of the traditional individual hole lights.
  8. I have been building a fish house and have decided to share it on here sense so many of you (Especially Lip_Ripper) have helped me out so much. I used basically all of the same building techniques Lip_Ripper and a few other guys on this site have used. Stole a few ideas from some of you but hopefully no one gets too worked up over that. I have everything except the bathroom, plumbing, lift bed, and awning done. It is 100% a fish house right now, ready for ice and I can't wait to get it out! Frame- 8X21' +4' V Valley Manufacturing galvanized hydraulic Walls/roof- 1x2" rectangular tubing Siding- Flat black aluminum held on with 3M adhesive tape Roof- 3/8" plywood covered with rubber membrane Floor- 3/4" marine grade plywood Insulation- Closed cell spray foam One piece aluminum wheel wells. 1/4" cedar tongue and groove. At this point I was still undecided if I was going to stain it or not and sense I did end up staining it I should have just used pine. Looking back on it now it could have saved me a few bucks. The start of staining. I used Sherwin-Williams Pecan.
  9. btupy

    Wheel House build

    How did you upload the pictures to the thread sense photo bucket no longer supports 3rd parties?
  10. How are the deer numbers in that area? I don't trophy hunt so I'm not looking for any monsters, but a few deer to pick from would be nice. I'm used to hunting in the south metro where the bucks don't have a chance to become bigger than a small 6-pointer.
  11. My girlfriends parents are in the process of buying a cabin between Grantsburg and Siren Wi. I've always wanted to start some sort of "Deer Camp" so I've been thinking this might be my opportunity. The cabin doesn't have any land to hunt on so I am wondering how the public deer hunting is in Wisconsin in that area? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. You don't use a dolly to tow your house with the wheeler?
  13. Sounds good I'll give them a call tomorrow!
  14. I'm looking for a grey charcoal or silver 4x8' sheets of painted aluminum but I'm having no luck. Voyeguer steel is the only place I've found that has different color options but they have nothing I'm looking for. Garelick and discount steel only have white. If anyone know of any other places I could check that would be great. Thanks
  15. Do you have any progress pics on the 24'? I'm very interested in seeing this one too because its the full RV edition.
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