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  1. Over the course of three rentals ABC has been great for us- good value, super service, helpful staff. Check them out for sure. Like traveler posted, the early reservation/shoulder season discounts at ABC are great if you can take advantage of them. Rented once from Great Alaskan Holidays (this was several years ago) and that was a positive experience as well. GAH offers RVs with the slide out feature, I don't think that is an option at ABC. The 30' models have worked well for our family of 4, they are easier to drive than you would think looking at them. Mark
  2. Hi Jonny, It sounds like you have a sweet spot for fossils near your house. How big are the teeth you have found? There are a number of locations in and around the metro where small invertibrate fossils are fairly common, mostly small clam like and coral looking things. Most of what I have found will not cover my thumb nail. My understanding is that the fossils in the metro are very primitive, before the time of sharks. We have several glass jars we are filling up with our local fossil treasures, nothing too spectacular to show for our efforts so far. I am eager for the snow to melt so the fossil search can resume. Mark
  3. globug

    Seward Alaska

    On the plus side, every other charter I have gone out on in Alaska (all out of Homer) has been fantastic, even on the larger 12-15 person halibut boats. A good source of fishing information is the Alaska Department of Fish and Game HSOforum, they have an archive of past years fishing reports and information that might be helpful or at least interesting to anyone planning a trip. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again]
  4. This is a great topic. Here are two more suggestions: In the Land of White Death by Valerian Albanov In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick The first is the diary of the navigator of an ill fated 1914 Russian polar expedition and his trek back to civilization. The second is a historical account of the fate of the crew of a whaling vessel (the Essex) who have to abandon ship after a whale attack.
  5. I have a Polaris Sportsman 500, the recoil start was a factor in my decision. Mark
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