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    Lifetime minimum maintenance frame

    Thanks man, that was basically what I liked about your design, it looks correct, any many others don't. I settled on my design yesterday. Here's a pic, sorry about the quality, Look familiar? Haha. I put a 5/8 repad under the leaf for it to rub on with a 2" long slot in it for the bolt in the leaf to slide back and forth in, then I'll attach my shackle to the jack post like you did. Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread, I'm excited to see your progress to come
  2. Mike Lacey

    Lifetime minimum maintenance frame

    Great build man, it looks awesome, I'm starting a build this weekend and I've been checking yours out lots for design ideas. I was curious how you feel about your suspension now that you've built it and driven it around a bit? I'm still throwing around a few ideas in my head about how to mount my leaf spring. Things like angle of the datum, and positioning of the leaf relative to the tire.
  3. Hey all, My steel all arrived today for my buddy and my first ground up build of an 8'x14' v front. I have a pretty good plan but am stuck on exactly what to do with the suspension, such as the angle of the leaf spring datum, and the location you placed the leaf in respect to the tire? How small of a wheel well have you been able to make? Any success stories or helpful thoughts would great, happy fishing! Also if anyone's interested in watching my build, let me know and I'll post pics as I go
  4. Mike Lacey

    Visiting from New Zealand

    Where in Canada do you plan on spending time?