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  1. I just got back from the day up north and it’s a night and day difference. Trails are pristine and like mid winter. They just got a couple inches of fresh powder the other day. LOTS of enclosed sled trailers going north. I would have loved to have had my sled in tow but instead had the Lund in tow.
  2. Put a fair amount of miles on today on the sleds and never had the slides getting heated up issue at all so fingers crossed I’ve them broke in now.
  3. Thanks knoppers! Exactly what it was like. Kept thinking track was cranked up on tension ( set perfect) or the chain or the belt was messed up but nope. I was out this morning (-10) and after a while I could feel this drag. Just didn’t feel right. Kept looking for an issue but came up empty. Let the sled cool for a while grabbed the otter and headed out. All seemed fine and normal there and back (7 miles each way). I figured the new slides were causing some resistance and getting hot since where I was riding it wasn't kicking up much snow, Since everything is rock solid. Another thing I should mention is when I stoped to look for an issue I thought I had a quick wiff of what smelled like hot or burning plastic. Not a rubber. It was cold so I was all bundled up but it had me worried that something was up, but it sounds like that’s just part of the process of breaking in new slides?
  4. Thanks guys! It seems just the new slides are causing some drag. Been to busy to ride the last few days but loaded up my sleds to ride this weekend and took a buss around the yard and all seemed fine again. I’ll keep an eye on things and see if anything changes.
  5. Noticed yesterday went for a ride down the trail and the sled seemed to stop really quick like something was binding when I let off the gas. Pulled over and looked everything over and it all looked ok. It seemed fine by the time I got back home after a few miles all was fine. Track tension was and is great. Maybe because the old slides were wore down so much the new ones caused a little drag?
  6. Sled has almost 4800 miles on it and as far as I could tell they have never been changed..... track tension is perfect.
  7. Thanks knoppers! I just finished this project up about an hour ago. Took about 3 days with a few hours each, I don’t have a heated building so turns out the slides were froze on. But with a torch I was able to melt the ice and use a punch and hammer to remove them. Pretty straight forward. I needed to replace the bolts that hold them on but that’s minor. Have to watch track tension now as well.
  8. Had a couple of hours to burn yesterday afternoon and did a 70 mile run. Trails were alright other then they’re rock solid hard pack now. But good enough to put some a miles on! Ended up having to run and grab a few set of slides as the old ones are wore pretty good. Now I’m trying to get them replaced but what a pain to do! The old ones don’t want to move.
  9. Yep! Ended with about 3-4” schools shut down and everything. Major storm on its way. What a joke...
  10. Just was informed the crow wing county sheriff just announced the extravaganza is a go for next weekend. Found 15.5” of ice at center ice. Cutting it pretty close imo close to 5” of that is poor ice or froze slush. Other years when there’s close to 20” the center ice area would start to pool with water by the afternoon. Unless your participating in the event I’d recommend to stay clear of the area or Brainerd area all together unless you enjoy heavy traffic and delays.
  11. Super Clear water= more of a night bite. Or if your like leech you slay them every trip ?
  12. Same here leech I always cut across the land ridge. Never gone up around the island ( only for fun riding the sled).
  13. Very well agreed! Protect those investments! All my things are stored inside but they still get covered! Atvs, sleds, boat.
  14. Heard there was 14” or so on gull but still spotty in areas with thinner ice and pockets of slush but yes it’s getting better with the cold.
  15. Those Indy lite 340s are a a great beginner sled! The Fuji fanners were/are great reliable power houses. They produce great power ( for a 340) and no doubt a great sled for kids to get the hang of riding. Easy to work on to if the need arises.
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