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  1. AlwaysFishing23

    Hitch lock won't open. Any ideas?

    Well it was left on all winter so the odds of getting it off is low the road salt destroys that stuff. It’s probobly all corroded and rusted. But start with the basics WD-40 the lock part down good let it sit for a half hour or so, try it again. If that doesn't work get your hack saw or cut off wheel and chop the pin in half.
  2. AlwaysFishing23

    Thanks For The Advice

    One thing I would recommend is run only the Polaris VES gold 2 stroke oil. I’ve ran that stuff in 3 different 2 stroke Polaris units and have NEVER had an issue. They run better, start easier, and protect engine over all. Runs for about $13 a quart. One thing I would recommend is if your having any service work done Tell the dealer what your running for oil. A few years back I was having some work done on my sportsmen 90 the thing wouldn’t move. The dealer called my and literally was cusing and yelling at me! They were like “ you can’t run regular motor oil through a 2 stroke atv”. I immediately grabbed my jug of polaris ves gold oil drove to the dealer and plopped it on the counter and said yep I’m running regular motor oil! (that was a joke). I took the machine to a different dealer and haven’t been back to the place since that was 3 years ago. Turns out some parts were rusted/ seized in the clutch area. Any way little story. I would agree it looks similar to motor oil but the smell is way different.
  3. AlwaysFishing23

    We could be riding the nsst

    Was up on the north shore last few days. Silver bay area has-pretty much no snow and trails are like they look in summer. Got not even a dusting up there when the rest of the state got a foot plus. Drive 4 hours south and theres 14 inches on the ground had to go for a rip around the yard.
  4. AlwaysFishing23

    Docks and lifts in by Opener?

    28”-32” all Over central MN. Supposed to go to Vermilion for opener and starting to make a Plan B.
  5. AlwaysFishing23

    Sra or Independent Suspension

    My dads 500 sportsmen with IRS and my 330 magnum straight axle. I'll take the straight axle any day. Way smoother ride and can tow more tongue weight loads. The IRS is good but my personal preference is the straight axle but thats me. The sportsmen was/ is a popular atv and alot were sold so thats why theres a lot for sale. Plus everyone is selling ATVs now for SxS. nothing major as far as issues on the sportsmen's.
  6. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    I have not either. My dads sportsmen no matter how cold will stall with full choke no matter how cold after a minute or two. Sounds like a leak to me.
  7. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    Exactly.... but sleds don’t work the best when it’s 45 degrees. I’ve gotten it down now once started leave warm up not touching choke or throttle for 5 ish minutes depending on the temps. I talked to my local dealer yesterday and they said ooh yes definetly there’s an issue so I was debating bringing it in. Well obviously it’s nothing out of the ordinary and no need to pour hundreds of dollars into it for a common issue. Thanks for the reassurance gentleman.
  8. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    I’ve got a nice clean air filter. Thanks I’ll give that a try, at this point I’m willing to try anything. Seems dumb why they were jetted so off from factory they never noticed this issue? Seems fairly obvious.
  9. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    Whats your defiention of cold blooded? Mine anything below 40f it’s a pain to get running it will fire but takes some cranking to get to stay running if it’s below 10f it needs a shot of juice to get it going it seems like these units were jetted to lean from factory for colder weather. Just checking if I’m the only one with this Issue.
  10. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    That’s not bad! I’m a maintence geek so that shouldn’t be an issue.
  11. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    Thanks for the tip! Yeah I grease things and take care of my stuff besides all the snow she looks like the day she came home. Pretty much perfect shape yet. It’s a 2005. One on each shaft coupling 3-4 I believe that’s about it. What kind of miles will these machine run up to just curious only got 853 on it now.
  12. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    Bringing this one back from the dead.... Just wanted to say how pleased I’ve been with my purchase. It’ll be 2 years in April I’ve owned my machine and I have nothing bad to say expect it doesn’t like the cold which I knew. Yesterday I went out and groomed the trails around the property and I wasn’t sure how well it would go with the 11 inches of snow we received on Monday. Needless to say 4 wheel drive in low range with the great stock tires did the job I was beyond surprised as my dads 500 ho with stock tires wouldn’t even be able to drive in that much snow let alone pulling a 300+ pound device. It’s not always about having that big horsepower machine it’s what you do with that HP. If any of you are ever in the market for one these machines if you find a good condition unit I promise you it will be the best purchase money can buy.
  13. AlwaysFishing23


    I forgot to mention my setup. I run a 96 Polaris XLT touring ( 2 up) have had it for 2 years and it’s been great. I know people knock down triples but its a great sled for fishing. Few weeks ago we had two full size guys towing a fully loaded two man in about foot of drifted snow and it did great has the 136”x 1” lug track and it’s golden reverse, electric start. Hopefully who ever asked the question in the first place is legit a lot of good stuff here.
  14. AlwaysFishing23


    Id recommend a crossover type sled. Why? Well ice fishing can be done on bare ice or in 2-3ft of snow a deep lug track isn't necessary but a short track 1inch lug isn't going to do it. Not sure what you like but I'm a Polaris and a little arctic cat guy as far as Polaris an indy voyager 600 with a 2 inch lug track would be a good pick its liquid cooled so it would be good in deep snow areas. My brother has a 550 indy adventure (fan) its been solid its a great on trail sled but will tackle a few feet of snow with the 144" by 1.35 cobra track. As far as Arctic cat the bear cat is going to be the best fan also and most serious guys looking for a fishing sled this is what they run. Hope this helps with your decision.
  15. AlwaysFishing23

    Uggh, Lug nuts

    A trick my grandfather taught me was using a long tube. Usually a 2-4ft long peice of pipe. He never had an impact so this was as close as having one. Take a big socket wrench then slide the wrench in the pipe and the pipe acts as leverage and I have a peice of pipe hanging in my garage right now just for this reason and I have NEVER not been able to break something free with this method. A little tip I wanted to share.