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  1. AlwaysFishing23

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder?

    I started using a humminbird piranha max last year and love it. Also use in the yak to. I still have the good ol Fl 18 that’s about 15 years old now. Still works like new with a new battery and ultra pack case. Needs a phew ducer but keep putting it off the one I use now is still ok. Want to upgrade to a nicer humminbird helix ice or similar or a marcum lx 6 or 7 but the funds haven’t been available.
  2. AlwaysFishing23

    Nils Master Usa

    I think you just had a bad experience. Nills is a great company and makes good products. Also the owner of marine Genral , (Russ) is probably the owner of the best outdoor fishing type store in the state. They do anything for there customers and I’ve always been super happy with my shopping experiences there. I think you just a fluke and bad experience.
  3. AlwaysFishing23

    M18 Brushless For Auger Help

    I still use gas and will continue to. The reliability and ease of use of my solo strikemaster out beats electric everyday. But that’s just me and how I fish. But I’ve done a lot of research on electric setups and if I were you I’d get a clam drill plate ($60-$70) and then mount your drill and your lazer and your set. By far the best setup IMO.
  4. AlwaysFishing23

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    I follow this guy very closely and also enjoy his content a lot. He dosent own any sleds any more and said he always enjoys the walk across the lake more than have to drag up some sleds (Only about a 3/4mile walk) The “ back woods cabin” is his parents place. His dad along with the help of his son (who owns the tent) built that entire place and strarted by clearing trees. His dad came up 4-5 years ago while his son has been there for over 10 now. He use to use a Honda generator but a few years ago had a line dug in for electric and installed a hand pump well. His is the owner of a construction company and builds long furniture on his down time and believe me the guy makes some AWSOME stuff. As far as driving in he drives in from the end of April till thanksgiving but between there during the winter the roads he uses to get in are all groomed ski trails that don’t allow vehicles. The location is about 1-1.5 hrs straight north of Two Harbors right on the BWCA line. Hope this helps you answer some of your questions Big Dave.
  5. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    Sounds like I’m right on track. I’ll just get everything I need now. Think I’ll wait till next spring for engine oil but I’ll do front and rear diffs now as well as the tranny. I’ll grease everything to that hasen’t been done for a while. For the front diff change did you need to pull the front tire off like the maual says to? Not going to lie that manual is pretty fauge.
  6. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    Well I wasn’t going to do any fluid changes untill next fall but it’s been a little more than a year and I just clicked 1k miles. About 30-40 hours since last oil change. I think I’m just going to do it. So last time I just took it to a dealer but it’s expensive, the machine is gone for at least a week and it’s a hassle to deal with dropping off and picking up. So I think I’m going to try it myself. I’ve changed oil on things many times before so this isn’t anything new. I’m going to get ahold of my dealer and see what I need and have them walk me through the steps. I want to change the oil, the front and rear gear case oil and I’d like to do the transmission fluid also. I also just saw Polaris has a deal now through the 1st of oct for $10 off an oil change kit. So I think I just need an oil change kit and a quart of gearcase oil? I also have a new spark plug I’ll through in and go through the machine like I always do every few months. I know @leech~~ had a magnum what did you always do for maintence?
  7. AlwaysFishing23

    How Would You Handle This.

    Dang what a shame not cool at all. I agree with leech. That’s more than enough acreage for more than one hunter to hunt. If he had the guts to go talk to the neighbor lady and she was fine with it then all is good. If this “kid” ( old guy) has an issue with it then he needs to grow up It’s not his land. Not many kids even hunt anymore so the fact that he wants to is great. Let him hunt some and if it continues to be an issue then maybe just tell him to pull the plug? I’m also dealing with some crazy neighbors right now that continue to feed. The CO has been out many times and they still do the same thing tickets have been given and there’s been some talking. I hate to “ tadle” on others but when people think they have rights that others shouldn’t have then that’s where a CO may come into play. Not saying you need to do this but if he comes barging to the door and demanding your son leave then maybe something needs to change and maybe he shouldn’t be allowed there.
  8. AlwaysFishing23

    Rod Tip Insert Your Thoughts?

    Interesting I was planning on just chopping the guide off but it looks like you say hot glue almost. Then you just slide it right off? Then Install the new one throw a little adhesive stuff on and good as new?
  9. AlwaysFishing23

    Rod Tip Insert Your Thoughts?

    Thanks for the reassurance fellas. The company was no use on what to do. For the $5-10 to replace it I’ll just do that. Any special kit you guys prefer? Was just going to see what fleet farm has. I’m currently using 30lb spider wire but will be changing that out with 30lb suffix or power pro soon.
  10. AlwaysFishing23

    Rod Tip Insert Your Thoughts?

    Hey guys, new to bass fishing but I’m addicted now of course. So was out the other day ended up with a few dandy’s and lost a 3-4 lber. Anyway on the last cast my baitcast rod the guide insert on the tip guide popped out. I tried sanding the guide down and it seems smooth. Rod is a cheap one and out of warranty. So would I be ok to use it as is? Or I was thinking of just getting a rod tip repair kit and replacing that guide? What’s your thoughts? Thanks!
  11. AlwaysFishing23

    Hitch lock won't open. Any ideas?

    Well it was left on all winter so the odds of getting it off is low the road salt destroys that stuff. It’s probobly all corroded and rusted. But start with the basics WD-40 the lock part down good let it sit for a half hour or so, try it again. If that doesn't work get your hack saw or cut off wheel and chop the pin in half.
  12. AlwaysFishing23

    Thanks For The Advice

    One thing I would recommend is run only the Polaris VES gold 2 stroke oil. I’ve ran that stuff in 3 different 2 stroke Polaris units and have NEVER had an issue. They run better, start easier, and protect engine over all. Runs for about $13 a quart. One thing I would recommend is if your having any service work done Tell the dealer what your running for oil. A few years back I was having some work done on my sportsmen 90 the thing wouldn’t move. The dealer called my and literally was cusing and yelling at me! They were like “ you can’t run regular motor oil through a 2 stroke atv”. I immediately grabbed my jug of polaris ves gold oil drove to the dealer and plopped it on the counter and said yep I’m running regular motor oil! (that was a joke). I took the machine to a different dealer and haven’t been back to the place since that was 3 years ago. Turns out some parts were rusted/ seized in the clutch area. Any way little story. I would agree it looks similar to motor oil but the smell is way different.
  13. AlwaysFishing23

    We could be riding the nsst

    Was up on the north shore last few days. Silver bay area has-pretty much no snow and trails are like they look in summer. Got not even a dusting up there when the rest of the state got a foot plus. Drive 4 hours south and theres 14 inches on the ground had to go for a rip around the yard.
  14. AlwaysFishing23

    Docks and lifts in by Opener?

    28”-32” all Over central MN. Supposed to go to Vermilion for opener and starting to make a Plan B.
  15. AlwaysFishing23

    Sra or Independent Suspension

    My dads 500 sportsmen with IRS and my 330 magnum straight axle. I'll take the straight axle any day. Way smoother ride and can tow more tongue weight loads. The IRS is good but my personal preference is the straight axle but thats me. The sportsmen was/ is a popular atv and alot were sold so thats why theres a lot for sale. Plus everyone is selling ATVs now for SxS. nothing major as far as issues on the sportsmen's.