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  1. All ready to go here. All cleaned up, fueled up, greased up, new tabs, fluids topped off, tracks adjusted. Busy, busy! I got them ready a few weeks ago as I knew I’d have little or no time to get things ready before snow. Now I just need to finish getting the ice gear ready which will be put into use REAL soon! Busy time of year indeed. No I’m off to find a gently used mid 90s early 2000s Indy 500 liquid or fan cooled under 4K miles, for ice fishing, trail riding and a bit of off trail, my personal sled.Talked about getting my own sled for years and I think this may be the year I make that happen. I still need to make a run and pick up oil for the season before I forget!
  2. Check out the simplicity line of mowers. We upgraded last summer to a broodmoor with the 25hp Briggs and 48” fab. Deck. A little out of your price range but check out the regent line of mowers as well thats More in your price range. Good luck with your search!
  3. So this last weekend I brought the truck in as It needed a oil change and tire rotation. Evything was perfect with that as well the inspection. So I wanted them to take a look at the parking break. Since I bought it it never worked. You could push it down and I could just feel a slight drag. I didn’t really worry about it much last summer beucase I never needed it. Well I’m planning on buying a boat this summer so it would probably be wise to have a working parking break. So after about 45 minutes I was informed that there was somthing missing. They asked me if I had installed nerf bars. I said no they were on when I got the truck. I asked why? Well he said and showed me a diagram and there’s a part missing on for sure the drivers side, on the side of the frame. It’s obvious that there was a part there and it was unbolted. I think he said it had somthing to do with the tension of the break cable. I’ve spent a few hours looking on line and can’t find this part. So this morning before I left home I looked underneath and sure enough that part was gone and it was obvious it was unbolted. I didn’t look if the passenger side had that missing or not. For the life of me I can’t figure out who would disable and deactiveate a parking break JUST to have the look of nerf bars!? I made the decision that $65 to tell me this much was enough and I’ll just have to rely on the transmission and a few blocks of wood to chock the tires IF I buy a boat. He said it wouldn’t be possible to give me estimate of how much it would be to “ rebuild” the parking break system. I really do like the truck but with the parking break thing, screwed up trailer lights, junk shocks, and I’m pretty sure the water pump is going out. I’ll just drive it next winter and find something else next summer.
  4. That is correct Smurfy! DNR declared Pepin to be the first “official” lake to be ice free this morning I do believe.
  5. Haven’t spotted any yet myself but I know it won’t be long before that changes. But I could use a ride on the moped! Gotta wait yet till the sweepers clear all the sand on the roads first.
  6. Ended up taking the sled with last weekend. It came off the trailer twice and I had to trailer to ride. Did about 20 miles all weekend and a loop on the lake trail. Still had to travel a little down the road so I’m relly glad I left the old ones on. I’m done riding for the year besides maybe one more loop around the yard. I’ll stay new next fall and should be set for another 1k miles.
  7. Or what about one of them rollers you drag over your lawn to areate it I think they are. Or a snow trail grommer you could tow behind a sled or wheeler?
  8. Good point leech about the ice patches. Last few weekends I've used the sled for fishing so I've been hauling it on my dads utility trailer. The expanded metal ramp and wood deck did a lot of the damage to the last set from loading and unloading. Thats why I was tempted to leave them as is. But I'm still up in the air if I'll take the sled or just walk the 1.5 miles each way to my fishing spot. Wait and see what this rain does I guess! I will change them out if I decide to take the sled. Besides the rough ride on the trails I haven't noticed much difference since most of my riding has been in the deep snow and on lakes.
  9. So a few weeks back I was looking at my Carbides/ wearbars they were worn down to nothing. Only thing left were the mounting bolts to the skis. Ealier in the year I noticed they were getting worn down and as far I know those were the originals. As I’ve put almost 1k miles on the sled since we bought a few years back it was in need of replacement. I checked around with a few salvage shops but none of them had any carbides. Thing is my sled ( Polaris touring) is a two piece wear bar. So I just bit the bullet and spent the over $50 a piece on the new carbides ( 4”). So my question is with the sledding season coming to a close would it be alight if I just ran with the little bolts studs that are left and install the new bars next fall and start fresh? Only downside I can see is it’s bit jumpy on the trail and it can get darty and be little to hard to turn beucase there’s nothing to really dig in on the skis. I don’t do much crossing of roads so there shouldn’t be much if any damage done to the steel skis. Thinking I should be alright but wanted to get others opinions. Thanks!
  10. The previous owner recommend trying that. He was going to try it but was nervous the panel being 20 years old might be to brittle to do it.
  11. Yay great I think we could all use a few more “ feet” of snow this winter...... not. All I can say is I’m not looking forward to getting on lakes and me able to move around by sled after this next storm. And sad thing is I really want to get out fishing to.
  12. Talked with another gentlemen who had the same truck a few years back and thats what he suggested. I've looked some not a lot and haven't found much.
  13. Sadly no its not. Darn Florida drivers need to be more cautious.
  14. I was able to track down a pic of “The Dent”.
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