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  1. AlwaysFishing23

    Ford Ecoboost

    So this a common problem with these ford ecoboosts it sounds like?
  2. AlwaysFishing23

    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    Looks like I’m not the one needing the pull this time wanderer. Very scary situation though glad to hear both you and the sledder are alright. Also glad your truck is still good to expect the exhust.As a driver and a sledder I see both ways. I watch for sleds when driving and I give vehicles on the roads respect as well while sledding.
  3. AlwaysFishing23

    Ford Ecoboost

    I know a guy who has the same truck and dang near the some milage. It’s the same takes a few seconds seems like longer to start in the cold. Once warm it takes a few seconds to. As far as I know this is normal. My 5.3 vortec in my Silverado takes no time at all so I could imagine how annoying that may be.
  4. AlwaysFishing23

    Are People On Here Still?

    I’m still here......
  5. AlwaysFishing23

    Lets Be Honest. Eat While Ice Fishing Is A Must

    Buddy and I spent all day Saturday spearing. Went to a bar and grill a few miles down the road for lunch. He got a wood fired pizza and I got chicken strips. By far the best chicken strips I’ve ever had. He couldn’t finish his whole pizza and I couldn’t finish all my chicken so we took it with us. I flipped the grate around on the buddy Heater so it was a flat grate and I found between low and high in about 3-5 min the otter smelled like pizza and the crust was nice and crunchy and it was nice and hot. First time I’ve cooked anything on a buddy heater. This thread inspired me to try it! And it worked darn well.
  6. AlwaysFishing23

    5 Lb Propane Tanks

    I’ve had this same issue myself for years. I like using a hose to a bigger tank but the 20lber is impractical unless able to drive out. I’ve searched for the 5lb and can find them easily ( Cabela’s, Fleet Farm). But the price will kill a guy. I can buy 2 maybe 3 20lb cylinders for the price of one 5lb. My solution, just continue to buy and use 1lb. Sams club is by far the cheapest at $12.50 (ish) for a 4 pack. I can usually get by on about 1 cylinder per 2 outings on average. Takes 4-6 4 packs per season for Me. Which yes is a lot compared to just refilling them but “convince” is more appealing then the cost IMO.
  7. AlwaysFishing23

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    The best snow thrower I’ve used is the one that uses your arms and a shovel No blower or plow for me I can have the driveway done in the same amount of time if not a hair faster than a blower and, we’ve got a pretty decent sized driveway to, We get a good pile at the end from the grader that plows the township roads. I have wanted to mount a plow on one of the wheelers to plow the road as our township is extremely cheap and there must be Minimum 3-4 inches to plow. Anyway single stages are better for smaller drive ways and less snow. Personally I’d never by a single stage as you get a decent snow load and it may get frustrating or that pile at the end from the plow. But being you have a 2 stage as well it shouldn’t be an issue. Finding a good heavy duty rig with a good engine is key. Toro makes a good blower as well as huqvarna IMO. Im not sure if huqvarna evenmakes smaller blower though.
  8. AlwaysFishing23

    What Lb Test Line For Walleyes?

    I always use 6lb mono for jigging rods and And 8lb mono on deadsticks. No leaders for me I’ve debated it but it doesn’t really seem to make a difference if you have one or not.
  9. AlwaysFishing23

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    Yeah, that's all you need...even in the BWCA Can't use power augers in the BWCA. Yes electric drill powered augers are "powered" as well. ONLY hand powered augers allowed.
  10. AlwaysFishing23

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    I’m thinking next year I’m going to upgrade to a lazer pro 8” probably end up keeping my chipper lite for backup. Since I won the auger I wouldn’t be out much, and plus I could use the chipper bit off that auger on the lazer pro for drilling spear holes or to have a back up bit. Don’t get me wrong electric is slick. No starting and no gas. But your dealing with remembering batteries, charging batteries, keeping them warm. And of course batteries only have so long of life. But a lazer will drill thousands of holes and will drill holes much faster than a battery operated unit. I use less than a gallon of gas all season So you figure premium non oxy is about $3.40 a gallon plus 2.6 oz of a amsoil saber mixed at 50:1 at $5 per 8oz. Usually get out a minimum of once per week and drill 50 or so holes per outing. It just doesn’t add up for me the solo engines are EXTREMLY reliable. And there Cheaper to buy. Right now the lazer pro 8” at marine Genral is $499.99 while the lithium 40v 8” is $549.99. That’s $50 in savings plus you’d probably want an extra battery for that 40v But if you went with the lazer you could Use those savings on fuel for the truck or a new reel or rod. Sorry to make this a rant and try to bash electrics there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them I just feel gas is best for me.
  11. AlwaysFishing23

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder In 2018?

    I started using a humminbird piranha max last year and love it. Also use in the yak to. I still have the good ol Fl 18 that’s about 15 years old now. Still works like new with a new battery and ultra pack case. Needs a phew ducer but keep putting it off the one I use now is still ok. Want to upgrade to a nicer humminbird helix ice or similar or a marcum lx 6 or 7 but the funds haven’t been available.
  12. AlwaysFishing23

    Nils Master Usa

    I think you just had a bad experience. Nills is a great company and makes good products. Also the owner of marine Genral , (Russ) is probably the owner of the best outdoor fishing type store in the state. They do anything for there customers and I’ve always been super happy with my shopping experiences there. I think you just a fluke and bad experience.
  13. AlwaysFishing23

    M18 Brushless For Auger Help

    I still use gas and will continue to. The reliability and ease of use of my solo strikemaster out beats electric everyday. But that’s just me and how I fish. But I’ve done a lot of research on electric setups and if I were you I’d get a clam drill plate ($60-$70) and then mount your drill and your lazer and your set. By far the best setup IMO.
  14. AlwaysFishing23

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    I follow this guy very closely and also enjoy his content a lot. He dosent own any sleds any more and said he always enjoys the walk across the lake more than have to drag up some sleds (Only about a 3/4mile walk) The “ back woods cabin” is his parents place. His dad along with the help of his son (who owns the tent) built that entire place and strarted by clearing trees. His dad came up 4-5 years ago while his son has been there for over 10 now. He use to use a Honda generator but a few years ago had a line dug in for electric and installed a hand pump well. His is the owner of a construction company and builds long furniture on his down time and believe me the guy makes some AWSOME stuff. As far as driving in he drives in from the end of April till thanksgiving but between there during the winter the roads he uses to get in are all groomed ski trails that don’t allow vehicles. The location is about 1-1.5 hrs straight north of Two Harbors right on the BWCA line. Hope this helps you answer some of your questions Big Dave.
  15. AlwaysFishing23

    Bought my first wheeler

    Sounds like I’m right on track. I’ll just get everything I need now. Think I’ll wait till next spring for engine oil but I’ll do front and rear diffs now as well as the tranny. I’ll grease everything to that hasen’t been done for a while. For the front diff change did you need to pull the front tire off like the maual says to? Not going to lie that manual is pretty fauge.