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  1. Yep! Ended with about 3-4” schools shut down and everything. Major storm on its way. What a joke...
  2. Just was informed the crow wing county sheriff just announced the extravaganza is a go for next weekend. Found 15.5” of ice at center ice. Cutting it pretty close imo close to 5” of that is poor ice or froze slush. Other years when there’s close to 20” the center ice area would start to pool with water by the afternoon. Unless your participating in the event I’d recommend to stay clear of the area or Brainerd area all together unless you enjoy heavy traffic and delays.
  3. Super Clear water= more of a night bite. Or if your like leech you slay them every trip
  4. Same here leech I always cut across the land ridge. Never gone up around the island ( only for fun riding the sled).
  5. Very well agreed! Protect those investments! All my things are stored inside but they still get covered! Atvs, sleds, boat.
  6. Heard there was 14” or so on gull but still spotty in areas with thinner ice and pockets of slush but yes it’s getting better with the cold.
  7. Those Indy lite 340s are a a great beginner sled! The Fuji fanners were/are great reliable power houses. They produce great power ( for a 340) and no doubt a great sled for kids to get the hang of riding. Easy to work on to if the need arises.
  8. You bet there will be/ is! There was a few last weekend already! I was riding two up with my little brother on my sled and there was a few corners where my back end just Went sliding. Then go to accelerate and no traction! Take er easy around them corners!
  9. I see they FINALLY came through and groomed my area over the weekend. Haven’t been out since Saturday but now that things are groomed the trails look alright! Be a lot nicer now that they knocked down some of the rock solid road banks from the plows. Anyone been out? Seen quite few sleds out up north a heading up north last few weekends with the couple feet of snow up there.
  10. I have not yet unfortunately! Sometime in the next month or so I’ll head up that way though. Judging by the breezy point cam the bay looks ok slush wise. But I would have to imagine there has to be some nasty slush areas/pockets on that north side of gooseberry and a few heaves. I will let you know if I make it out there and give ya an update!
  11. Trails are pretty much all groomed around the state now (central, north) Morrison county area finally got grommed 2 weeks ago. But with the warm up then the crappy dripping wet snow on Sunday now rock hard, the trails could use another 6” or more and another grooming to get better. Saw the groomer heading north around fort Ripley area on Tuesday night when I was driving back from up north. Trails behind him looked alright! Shade over 100 miles on so far this season been trying to get out daily but sometimes only a few times per week. Hard to plan a longer trip and put some miles on when trails and areas vary so much yet. Helps most lakes in the area the slush is freezing up so I can get out and do some lake riding. My favorite! So far the new sled has been EXCELLENT! Not a lick of trouble starts right up 1st or 2nd pull every time. Love it! Works good for fishing to! Happy Sledding everyone!
  12. Well said! I had the mentality for many years electric augers were a joke and gas was the Only way to go. Fast forward a few years and now I’m running basically your same setup and love it dearly. It’s so awesome. I like the fact all I had to buy was the 6” bit and clam plate since I already had the dewalt drill. And Black Friday I got a steal on some bigger dewalt batteries so now I’m set. Actually today was the first time this season, since last spring I started my gas auger and that’s because I need it for spearing other than that it will still at home!
  13. What’s your preference wanderer? The millwakee/ drill setup or this jiffy rig? I’m loving my dewalt drill setup for now.
  14. I second what wanderer said! I see they came through and groomed around Morrison county last night. To bad this warm weather is here for a few days. Then come next week when it cools down the trails will be a slick sheet of hard pack snow. And no snow in forecast either. I’ve been out riding almost everyday the Last few weeks around the area. The miles add up quick when you get out most days a week!
  15. I have used a fair amount of inlines. Clam spooler, clam gravity elite (newest edition to my arsenal), cgi in-line and decent. The gravity elite is a $90 inline but i got a Heck of a deal on Black Friday and only payed $29 for it. So far I’d say it’s not worth $90. $30 is reasonable. It’s ok and worth the $30. The cgi, clam spooler and decent are all really good entry level type inlines and I really enjoy using the.
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