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  1. Where are the relays located at on the wheeler? I have a non power steering model if it were to make any difference either, thanks
  2. I have a 2016 sportsman 570 and i love it for ice fishing, the only kicker is ive had it almost not start when it was below zero out on the lake, ever since then I have been a little leary of taking it when it's that cold out, but I think that is due to polaris dump batterys
  3. Billy G

    Bar on Lida

    Sadly sounds like enough for most In southern mn
  4. Billy G

    Ice Fishing Sales - Post Here

    L and M has the otter pro cabin for 699$ right now, got one at cabelas last night during the visa club night deal so I got 4% points back and they priced matched the 699 and even Let me use my 10$ of coupon. If your looking for a otter this may be a good time
  5. Billy G

    Otter fishhouse

    Camera kind of hides it but these baby's are very bright!
  6. Billy G

    Otter fishhouse

    Don't know if anybody has seen these yet but I just found them for sale at cabelas, otter just posted them on their other page to, they retail at 50$, I had a 20$ off coupon for cabelas so I got them for about 30$. They cone with 2 600 lumen strips for a total of 1200 lumens. They also have wired in dimmer switch that seems to work well, the lights have 2 plug ins on them so if a guy wanted to you could get additional lights.
  7. Billy G

    14th Annual Portable Modification Get Together

    Where is it at?
  8. Billy G

    14th Annual Portable Modification Get Together

    My thoughts too
  9. Billy G

    Otter fishhouse

    I don't have a face book account so I haven't seen It, do you know if there is a page besides facebook?
  10. Billy G

    Otter fishhouse

    Will do, being my topic is receiving some attention again if any of you guys see a sale on otter fish houses please let me know, thanks.
  11. Billy G

    Otter fishhouse

    Um well when I buy minnows from the bait shop I put them in a little cooler I have but thanks for the tip.
  12. Billy G

    Any companies making a 10in hand auger?

    Let us know what you end up doing, I'm sure there's a few people that will be trying to fugure out what to do come this winter.
  13. Billy G

    Any companies making a 10in hand auger?

    I just mentioned the 8 in one's for example because it was mentioned that a ion with a 10" bit wouldn't last long, and someone mentioned a propane option. I shoulda explained better but more or less I was saying if you have a Older 2 stroke 10 in or newer for that matter you can let that augur do the brunt of your drilling, searching, and hoping with out having to worry about drill batteries until you set up shop and then it would be alot easier for a ion or propane to reopen holes. But that just means you have to have 2 augurs which alot of people don't want and if you already have a good drill and battery then you almost already have what ya needed.
  14. Billy G

    Any companies making a 10in hand auger?

    I've got a jiffy pro 4 lite 8in and it has never seemed under powered to me, my father has a 8in ion with the original battery and hasn't let him down on power, going to a 10 in is gunna cut down on power and battery either way. I'd find a nice used older 2 stoke with a 10 in and get either electric or propane 10 in for re opening if I was In your shoes.