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  1. I've had very good reception with the pvc pipe looking style antenna. I hear really good things about the new powered ones that ice castle is now using too.
  2. I like the set up and quality, I just hate that they use those cheap rv Windows.
  3. My carpet dries fairly quick with the lower air vents blowing on it.
  4. Thanks for the info. Maybe I will auction it off on the E then.
  5. Hey guys, just wondering what you think a couple year old Marcum VX-1 is worth? I was planning on selling it as I don't use it much but my research on its value hasn't come up with much.
  6. Just curious, do you have this set up or just the standard IC set up?
  7. Get a second monitor with digital readout and try running it. You may have gotten a faulty detector, the ones that come with ice castle aren't really expensive.
  8. Had a few questions for him down at the ice expo about their "non freezing" propane tanks too. Guy came off like kind of a jerk, unfortunately for him others that were around heard and seen the way he treated me and also walked away.
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