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  1. You would have done ok calling the C.O. regarding hunter harrassment. You would not have had the same results if you called the C.O. just because he left the stand overnight. Many state land areas it is perfectly ok to leave your stand overnight. You MUST have your stand removed within 48 hours of the closing of the deer season. Also, if you took HIS stand, that would make YOU just as bad as HIM, and liable for prosecution for the anti hunter-harrassment laws! Sorry, I don't write the laws-just enforce them!
  2. We've reloaded 30-06 with 110 grain hollowpoints for 'yote hunting. They scream out there and blow 'em up! (for varmints only-I wouldn't use 'em for deer!)
  3. big island.....sorry I haven't replied sooner. We just put the deer "caine on the ground in powder form. moisture from rain or just ground moisture takes care of the rest.
  4. I don't know about how it works for poison ivy, but the jewell weed you mention works wonderful for stinging nettles, and even grows in the same places nettles grow-usually damp, moist soil.You just crush it with your fingers and rub it where the stinging nettles are in you. I really can't recommend using it for poison ivy as I think it will spread the plants oils around and make it worse.
  5. Deputy Grizz

    DNR on Land?

    Gentlemen,.....where do you get your info? A C.O. does NOT have the right to enter your house without probable cause, and will not likely be the first in on a high risk entry, unless on the highly trained Special Entry Team.. He IS a law enforcement officer, and so, YES, may arrest you for any crime you commit against Mn Statutes. There must be "probable cause" that a crime has been committed. He has jurisdiction over the whole state, but does not have more "power" than a police officer as you suggest.
  6. We use the deer co-cain stuff in the powder form-just put some on the ground close to a trail and the deer are going NUTS over the stuff. I think the key is to put it where the deer will find it. ie. in their trails. We've been using the stuff for three years now, and have a hole in the ground 4x4 and 3 feet deep! Don't know what's in the ingrediants, but it sure isn't just salt!
  7. Ok, here's another weird one. About 15 years ago a friend and I were headed up north from the cities. It was 230 in the morning and we were driving on hwy 169 north of mcgregor. Suddenly the high beams picked up something moving in the ditch. As we drove by at 55 mph, we saw it was a man hitch hiking-the weird part being that he was totally nude! We figured his "honey" must have dumped him and took off with his vehicle.
  8. I use the scent free deo, and ivory soap, and use scent free detergent. I do NOT use a scent blocker suit and have really never seen the need yet. (although if I came to the woods right from work-I see your point) One thing I do that hasn't been mentioned yet, is to cut some evergreen branches and bag them with my cammies. WORKS GREAT as a cover scent!
  9. Guys, bear hunting is my passion-been doin' it for 25 years now! (where's the time go?)you are right that a 5 1/2 inch paw is from a large bear, but there is no formula for weight on these buggers. I've seen old bears with hardly any teeth have HUGE paws, and only weigh 200 lbs. I've had young sow bear with 4 1/2 inch pads go 300 lbs. It all depends on the amount of food they eat, and their health at the time. -As for the 6 1/2 inch bears, down here in Mpls we call them "rats". Takes a LOT of 'em buggers ta make a rug, too!Grizz
  10. I have several stories that have happened, but will share my most precious one with you. When my oldest boy was 2 1/2 years old, he was standing just around the corner of our stove, talking very excited and face all lit up and animated. Wondering what he was all excited about, and to whom he was talking to, I asked what he was all excited about and received no answer. I asked again......this time he heard and turned and said "It's ok, I was just talking to God!" and ya know? I believe him! He definately was talking to someone WE couldn't see!
  11. Curly, that's good to hear. Too many "amateaurs" are ruining it for the rest of us bear hunters-causing the legislators to write MORE useless laws.
  12. Thanks for volunteering. I have passed your note onto other instructors I know who may be contacting you in the future.
  13. Deputy Grizz

    hunting cabin

    May your good "luck" hold out fellas'. However, I seriously doubt that when the tax accessor comes around, he'll "overlook" sudden buildings and improvements that weren't their before. One of several things may happen. He might put you in a higher tax bracket, probably fine you, maybe make you tear it all down, or all three or a combo. Don't think it couldn't happen to you, especially with the "building craze" going on. Neighbors also many times turn in their neighbors as views are blocked, or building to close to lot lines, lakes, etc. It's usually cheaper to pull a permit and do it right the first time around, as big a pain as it is.
  14. My 30-06 is a remington model 6 (pump action)with the monte carlo stock. This gun is unbelievably accurate. My average shot is 150-200 yards, but my best was 400 yards. Of course, the most important thing to do is hit the range WAY before deer opener and site the rifle scope in, and practice shooting for precision. Out of 30 years of deer/antelope/bear hunting, I've only lost 2 that got away on me due to scope malfunction on one, and a small branch deflection on the other.
  15. questions. What color hair did this kid have? and was he splashing alot at the surface, or was his bitten part submerged. (hey..gotta know what they're bitin' on, ya know!)
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