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  1. Yup, same thing for me. The standard groups of 1-3 pretty steady with huge waves. Pretty epic shooting this weekend. Fast and furious for an hour or two in the morning, pick up shots during most of the day, and then fast and furious again in the evening. Decoys working for the loners and small groups but not really for the big waves. Pretty typical. With the warmer weather kinda coming back I'm hoping that the pattern will hold for while. At least until duck opener.
  2. I hunt south of the metro and I do pretty well until the first real frost. Season's first cold snap like this will push a lot of the northern birds to start moving which actually increased the number of birds I see. My best hunts tend to be the week or two after the first cold snap. Once nights consistently get into the 40's they'll just start moving out and you'll see fewer and fewer. Key is to focus on gravel pits, etc first thing in the morning when they come out of the roost and then water in the evening. Best shooting is 20 min before sunrise until about 30 min after for morning shoot. Evening slowly gets better from about 5PM until sunset with a huge flurry of activity at sunset as they come in to get their last drink for the day.
  3. Business side. Not my typical event either but figured it was a cool opportunity and a good excuse to give the wife so I could go hunting in SD
  4. I just got an invite to the 2014 SD Governor's pheasant hunt. I'm pretty pumped. Anyone ever been?
  5. Try looking at some of the taxidermy supply places online. They have a lot of custom options if you're not into the simpler stuff. I used to make mine from walnut or oak but for some reason kids, work, other hunting, and fishing got in the way so I went the easy route.
  6. I get mine from Fleet Farm or some other place online. I used to make my own but it got to be a too much of a pain. Quick, easy, not to much work. I like simple mounts so I like these. http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/h-s-strut-turkey-tail-beard-mounting-kit/0000000004198 or http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aturkey%20fan%20mount%20kit I will glue the beard into the brass of the shot gun shell and thread the spurs with some wooden beads of the same wood finish. Then attach them to the mount. I like the consistency of the plaques because it really shows off the unique aspects of each fan when they're mounted together.
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