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  1. reata

    Jigging rod for walleye

    I'm in the market for a new rod for jigging for walleye at LOW. I've been using a 7ft shimano ml fast for the last seven years and I'm ready for a change. I have a shimano stradic c14 +FA reel that I like but I am interested in what spinning rods everybody else is using for straight down jigging. length, power, action, and brand, thanks.
  2. reata

    Walleye snells

    Two years ago, I was fishing out in South Dakota with a guide by the name of David Spaid, who invented the slow death technique.We caught smallies, walleyes, northerns, and even a crappie with this presentation. One thing he did was add an extra swivel snap to the bottom bouncer to prevent twisting. I now just automatically add one to my bottom bouncer no matter what kind of snell I'm dragging.
  3. reata

    Boat Motor Hydrofoils??

    They help you plane out at slower speeds and size is determined by size of motor if I remember right.
  4. reata

    iPilot link problem

    The spot lock on my terrova ipilot doesn't work like it once did. For the first three years it worked great, keeping you right on a 5ft area. Then all of a sudden it would move to far off the spot and try and get you back and over run the spot and continues to do this, making it about a 25ft area instead. I bought new batteries cuz they wouldn't hold a charge as long and recommended by minn kota, unplugged the ipilot wiring overnight, still didn't help, so I bought a new updated version ipilot, still same problem. Navigation, cruise control, and recording all work great, but the spot lock moves boat around so much and quick, if your trying to jig, your gonna get lines tangled. I'm always making sure the boat is at 0 or 0.1 mph before I spot lock but that doesn't matter and I know I never use to be so careful of the speed before when it worked good. Any suggestions?