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  1. Will be picking up a contender pistol in 30/30 with a 30mm ultra dot on Monday. This should be a pretty nice gun out to the range my dad will be comfortable with, under 75 yards or so.
  2. ESSGuy


    Glad you had a happy outcome. My 11 yr old got the traveling bug in December after his invisible fence battery went dead and I neglected to check it. He made it home after an hour but I was a basket case for that hour looking for him.
  3. ESSGuy

    How close???

    I got to my perm on Mille Lacs today. Have a house outline within 10 feet of my propane tanks. Cig butts on ice. Looks like they used a free source of heat(me). I think that may be too close. Bunch of jack wagons.
  4. Back when I first started fishing with my dad in the late 70's on the St. croix river it was routine to catch a limit of walleyes. Then in winter the crappie fishing was great. Now the pressure is at least 10 times what it was back then, or even 15 yrs ago. Times and pressure have changed so much that limits, I think, need to change.
  5. I have a friend who replaced the cable with a boat winch type strap. Says it works great. Also make sure the rollers are free and roll smoothly.
  6. ESSGuy


    Ok, you've changed my mind. I now hope Zimmer gives them DB's a stern talking to. Maybe use a few swear words. Then force them to go play a game for 60 minutes next week. Because hey, I guess most athletes would rather sit on the bench than play. I think that would be a better "reprimand". It all comes down to 3 DB's thought they knew better than coach, and it may have cost the team a win. We will see if they have any real leaders on this team next week.
  7. ESSGuy


    That is sad. If I was Zimmer I would seriously consider bailing on a team that obviously bailed on him. He would get hired immediately, move on. At the minimum I hope Spielman has the guts to sit every one of these know it all DB's for the final game. Let the back ups and practice squad guys play.
  8. I had a new 1999 f150 w 5.4. New head gaskets at 15k, new motor at 45k. Blew spark plug out cylinder at 85k. You can guess my opinion. Never ford truck for me again. ( love my 12 Ford Fusion car though).
  9. I used to work at a Yamaha and Arctic cat dealer years ago. Yamaha outsold Cat by a lot then, the gap is closer now, that being said I own 2 Yamaha. 02 kodiak and 06 kodiak, dad owns 2 grizzly's, brother owns 2 kodiak's. They take a beating and just keep going with basic maintenance. I would stick to Yamaha or Honda if it were my money. Just my .02 cents.
  10. Good luck on new pup. I have 3 springers now, wife just got a Border Terrier pup and hopefully springer 4 will be born this coming spring. Just cant have too many dogs.
  11. I had an 07 that was the same way, mine didn't foul plugs though. Tried the Range AFM disabled, made no difference. I just added oil when needed.I think replacing the rings is what's needed in your case. Hope they will take care of it for you.
  12. Chevy started in 2014 with DI. Before then your fine, port injection.
  13. I was just discussing this with a friend who worked for Wisconsin ag dept. He used to have to go and destroy herds of deer in the cwd zones, said it can and has lived in soil for upwards of 15yrs. He told me there was a case of farmed deer out west with cwd, the herd was killed and the soil plowed multiple times, then left idle for 15 years, then a new herd introduced and they became infected. It seems to be almost impossible to completely iradicate.
  14. You are correct in that a direct injection motor the gas does not wash over the valves. On my Silverado the pcv hose comes from the crankcase and runs back to the intake which runs the dirty oil vapors onto the intake valves, now with my oil catch can it runs from crankcase to catch can, which separates oil from the air before running back into the intake. The new ford ecoboost motor for 2017 has both port and direct injection to help alleviate crusted up valves.
  15. I don't know about the car, but I have a 15 Silverado 6.2 and I put on an oil catch can, its made by Elite engineering. I get roughly 2-4 oz every 1000 miles in the can that otherwise would have been on the valves. Check it out and see if they make one for the cars, I know they do for the camaro and corvette.
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