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    McGurk reacted to Rick in Off topic thread   
    To all, Please keep it fun and keep the topics to cooking.  Report them if they go off topic and Rebel will have wide latitude to keep this forum fun and interesting. He can hide and admin will will move them to the appropriate forum or leave them hidden if they have no place or are out of line. I don't believe we want to be too tough on off topic posts within a thread as long as it's  in the spirit of keeping g things fun and friendly.
    Nothing heavy handed. Just keep it fun. Please do not ignore or keep your nose out of issues that have the potential to make the cooking forum not fun. Use the Report function and let the moderator or Admins adress the issue. We may not always do what you want but we will do what we can to keep things fun and interesting.
    Also, if someone is trolling you in this forum, report their post and we will look into it.
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    McGurk reacted to Rick in Off topic thread   
    LMITOUT is no longer staff.He stepped down. Any of you can block any user you don't want to see as well.
    Let's get back to having fun.
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    McGurk reacted to reinhard1 in Good Morning!   
    Works for me Reb.  I have been on a National smoking page for years.  Even there things go off topic.  Why?  Because folks get to know each other and have a little fun but the information got through.  I haven't seen at any time any questions that was asked that wasn't answered.  I put my page on here just so folks can refer to it for even more details if something was missing.  I'll post just like I did before and if something goes off topic I'm not going to complain about it.  There are more important things in life than to get upset over something like going off topic.  Back to yardwork.  Or is that off topic.    good luck.
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    McGurk reacted to reinhard1 in Good Morning!   
    Wow, I'm glad I'm not a moderator anymore.  Reb keeps this forum going along with others.  Questions get answered here ALWAYS.  We seem to all get along here and are sharing things plus we keep it on the light side and have some fun as well.  All of the sudden we have all of these aledged complaints about things going off topic.  The good morning thread is about being off topic.  Sharing what we do and sometimes even personal things.  If I'm the original poster and start a thread like Canadian Bacon, it got off topic of few times but the information is there for everyone to see.  I do my best to give the best accurate information I can and I want feedback including if things are not exactly on topic.  Why all of the sudden is it that a couple of guy's come on here and start ripping this forum?  Where were you in the past?  Your comments about being constructive is not how I see it.  Nothing is broken here, and nothing needs fixing.  This is the Cooking Forum not Silly town.  It was fun to be on here and now this sudden negative garbage.  Reb, keep doing the good job that you are doing and don't be disstracted.  this does pizz me off.  good luck.
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    McGurk reacted to Coffee118 in Good Morning!   
    All it takes is boaranese to get everything worked out. Where else but here could this happen 
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    McGurk reacted to Boar in Good Morning!   
    as far as i see. questions get answerd, recipies get askfor and dug up. tips.get ggiven and appreciated. thhere aint nuthjing on thhis thhread  thhat dosent go unanswered or appreciated. it gose off tanjant. but  no one jhere or whho jhas bbeen jhere jhasnt jhad thheir quyestion answerd. or tips appreciated. bbut if thhis forum turns into a pompus a$$ hjoity toity marthha stewart .episode, find another forum. tell ya wjhat. or if thhe manority wants it thhat way. thhe page will lose even more.people
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    McGurk reacted to delcecchi in Good Morning!   
    Limit is just mad that sillytown is way off its peak activity.   He huffs and he puffs but can't make people care anymore. 
    I stop in periodically but this is more fun. 
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    McGurk reacted to roony in Good Morning!   
    That's a pantload. When you started your "First Smoker" thread it seemed to me that several people made some very instructive posts to help you get started. Later, it got a little off track but all the information you needed to start using the smoker was already there. Instead of coming off as appreciative you attacked those who had helped you.
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    McGurk reacted to RebelSS in Good Morning!   
    Well, it's not gonna happen if I can help it.  Period.
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    McGurk reacted to roony in Good Morning!   
    The cooking forum is about the only active forum left on HSO. Guess someone wants to bring that down too.
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    McGurk reacted to delcecchi in Good Morning!   
    Guten Morgen, Herr Eyeguy.   Morgen in Berlin ist.    Ich bin zuerst.  Jahwohl.
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    McGurk reacted to eyeguy 54 in Good Morning!   
    please go away from this thread if you dont like this thread whoever you are. back on track of GOOD MORNING...   I dare you all.  who will be the first to get it back on track?? 
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    McGurk reacted to Bobby Bass in Good Morning!   
    Hundreds of people LIKE this thread, go ahead and prove me wrong! Just because YOU SAY people complain where are the complainers? Can't be any of those long time readers who never post but want everything for free so they don't have to look for something. I have posted In this section on food and received answers to my questions. Dang if ya want a cookbook and how to make something go to Barnes and Noble and pay a few dollars. The people here are shareing their ideas for free and those of us who want to share our days should not have to bend over for someone who does not want to find out about what we are doing or keep updated. You don't like it move on..
    I promote this board all the time but it has fallen on some hard times. The good morning section right now is the only ember keeping this place warm and yet a few are complaining about it being off topic... Dang you must not read my blog because I AM ALL OVER THE PLACE !
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    McGurk got a reaction from RebelSS in Animated GIF Thred   
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    McGurk reacted to mrklean in Game of Thrones   
    My theory everyone dies
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    McGurk reacted to pikestabber in Game of Thrones   
    Past that point already, as I understand it. Even parts of last season were just source material as told to HBO by GRRM himself. He gave them the thread to run with and they have the rest of the story mapped out. Sounds like this season starting Sunday (10 episodes) and two shorter seasons after that which will split up 13 other episodes (in other words, there are 23 more left to be aired) and that's all she wrote! Errr...all he wrote. Well, didn't write. You know what I mean

    I will be sad to see it go as there is nothing else like it on TV. Like watching an awesome feature length film each week!
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    McGurk reacted to pikestabber in Game of Thrones   
    I think that's the fun of this show... Trying to watch the race to end with all of the various characters. Will nobility win out (Jon Snow, Bran)? Or maybe the biggest, baddest army (Daenerys)? Or wit and cunning (Tyrion, Littlefinger), or will it just be downright evil/steadfast resolve and no sense of moral compass holding them back (Cersei, Red Woman). There are lots of people vying for the throne, some deserving, some not as much, and pretty much all of the "good guys" really aren't even good people. Even Daenerys, as fun as she is to root for (and look at) isn't a truly "good" person. She seeks to be just, certainly, but she can be downright ruthless at times, too. It's just a gritty and raw type of atmosphere they create and the cliff hangers are amazing. I guess in a way I'm glad the series will be done before the books are written as I probably wouldn't read them in time (or at all) and I would hate for a spoiler to leak out...

    My money is on Daenerys claiming the throne, Tyrion ruling Casterly Rock, and Sansa and Bran reclaiming the North. But that sounds too happy for this show, so they will probably all be killed in the first episode this week and Cersei will take the crown in the end.  

     Can't wait for the new season!
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    McGurk reacted to eyeguy 54 in Northern   
    Tried it different.  A little olive oil, lemon pepper and cajon powder. And of corse a bit more pepper before eating. A little pinot grigio and some orange peppers. This was really good !

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    McGurk reacted to eyeguy 54 in Nom. Nom. Nommmmmm   
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    McGurk got a reaction from Dotch in Meat for the weekend   
    I've got a turkey thawing out, and plan to start prepping it tonight for a Saturday smoke.  Rinse it, cut out the backbone, throw a handful of salt on it inside and out and bag it for a day.  Tomorrow: rinse it off, give it a fresh herb and butter massage, and let it sit in the fridge uncovered another day.  Usually only takes 3 hours in the smoker laying out flat at around 325 degrees with some pecan.  Another hour of rest, and it's time to eat!
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    McGurk got a reaction from lovebigbluegills in Rub? Why?   
    Hot water, spoonful of honey, heavy squirt of lemon juice,  and a bump of brandy: good for what ails you. Repeat as necessary. 
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    McGurk got a reaction from lovebigbluegills in Secret Food Tips   
    Not a secret to those in the know but most people are still perplexed by both the procedure and the name: Spatchcock.
    Let your poultry dry out uncovered with some salt on the skin in the fridge for a day.  Wipe off and use as desired for crispier skin and more flavorful meat. 
    Get the brownest, ugliest and oldest top shelf steaks at the supermarket, and see if you can get a manager's discount on them. Red steaks sell better but brown ones are already aged a bit and will be more tender.
    Season your steaks as desired and let them sit uncovered in the fridge for a day or 2.  Flip them twice a day for more tender steak.
    Rinse off cheap Hormel "always tender" ribs a few times in clean water before prepping them, and use a low salt rub or they tend to get "hammy."
    Steaming eggs is faster and easier than boiling.  Use a steam basket in a large saucepan and add enough water to get to the bottom of the basket.  Get the water boiling in the empty pan, add the eggs and cover on heat for 12 minutes.  Cool and use as desired.
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    McGurk got a reaction from lovebigbluegills in Some fun grill history   
    This is all I learned from my Dad and grilling:

    I've had to teach myself a lot...
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    McGurk reacted to Jim Almquist in Meat for the weekend   
    I made these up last weekend. 10lbs of Salami and 15lbs of Old Fashion Franks in my favorite size...Brat size

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    McGurk reacted to bobberineyes in Meat for the weekend   
    Cabin bound, so we'll end up doing blade steaks and potatoes over ash and maple on the open pit. Keeping it simple with a side salad..
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