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  1. Hmm... seems to have worked for me.
  3. I think they are working together to progress as the books intend. But who knows? Here's a recap to help position everyone where they left off:
  4. If you get out to siren WI, look for a jar of big butz bbq sauce. Their cranberry sauce is awesome, and they have some similar flavors with crazy heat, too.
  5. B-town... next weekend is dock mania up nort'!
  6. I've got a turkey thawing out, and plan to start prepping it tonight for a Saturday smoke. Rinse it, cut out the backbone, throw a handful of salt on it inside and out and bag it for a day. Tomorrow: rinse it off, give it a fresh herb and butter massage, and let it sit in the fridge uncovered another day. Usually only takes 3 hours in the smoker laying out flat at around 325 degrees with some pecan. Another hour of rest, and it's time to eat!
  7. Stephen Hawking during a discussion on Black Holes: “What makes human beings unique? Some say it’s language or tools. Others say it’s logical reasoning. They obviously haven’t met many humans.”
  8. I use a Weber, but it's a bit older. Just like this one:
  9. This is all I learned from my Dad and grilling: I've had to teach myself a lot...
  10. Re-reading it, it does look like it could be one long recipe! Oops! I guess I should have used bullet points.. That would make for some serious protein: Turkey, Steak, Ribs, and Eggs all at the same time! Spatchcock indeed!
  11. Not a secret to those in the know but most people are still perplexed by both the procedure and the name: Spatchcock. Let your poultry dry out uncovered with some salt on the skin in the fridge for a day. Wipe off and use as desired for crispier skin and more flavorful meat. Get the brownest, ugliest and oldest top shelf steaks at the supermarket, and see if you can get a manager's discount on them. Red steaks sell better but brown ones are already aged a bit and will be more tender. Season your steaks as desired and let them sit uncovered in the fridge for a day or 2. Flip t
  12. I always flip my smoked ribs meat side down to cut, and I want "bite off the bone" and not "fall off the bone". They get too mushy when they get to "fall off the bone" doneness IMHO, and that also make cutting a rack up tougher as they just fall apart. I use a Victorinox Santoku knife for most of my meat work, pre and post cook. Probably not the proper knife for this work in a butcher's/chef's eyes, but it is a great knife with a lot of the benefits from both a chef's knife and a slicer. http://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Granton-Santoku-41529-6-78523-17/dp/B008M5U1WM/ref=pd_sbs_79_5
  13. How many Saudi princes did that doctor have to cut open to pay for that shack?
  14. Bacon butter? BACON? BUTTER? BACON BUTTER?!?!?!
  15. I don't use mustard on poultry, but I don't know why you couldn't. I make an herbed butter by mixing freshly minced poultry seasonings with softened butter, and work it inside between the meat and the skin with my hands. You can get the herbed butter all the way to the thighs and drumsticks on a turkey, and then let it sit uncovered in the fridge for a half day or so to let the skin dry up. I don't put much on the outside of the turkey other than dry seasoning as I want it to dry up for smoking or cooking. Now, that being said, you might not want to have anyone watching you do apply t
  16. Hot water, spoonful of honey, heavy squirt of lemon juice, and a bump of brandy: good for what ails you. Repeat as necessary.
  17. I didn't say they never kill off whitey, but there was a stretch when every time a new black character arrived, one of them would get the old exit, stage left treatment. You can't argue the percentages of white survivors to characters killed off vs. black. Well, you can and probably will argue that point. Glenn is literally the odd man out: 100% survival rate.
  18. Well, this show has a history of getting rid of black characters like no other show I've watched, so I'd guess Sasha or Michonne, with the emphasis on Sasha. For reference,see Jackie, T-Dog, Oscar, Bob, Tyreese, Noah... I'm surprised Father Gabriel or Morgan didn't get to take a ride on the RV (Yes, I know Morgan is with Carol) because I actually thought one of those two would be taken out.
  19. "If you can judge a pork butt by the color of it's bark, then Mister you're a better man than I..."
  20. You're right about the limited amount of pork that is affected by the rub, but that bark makes for some tasty bites for the guy doing the pulling. Brining gets to the core, especially when injected, and the rub coats the outside. And really, all that really matters is taking care of that guy (usually me) and the bark sharks hovering around. The rest of the bark pork gets mixed in and adds to the overall product. The center and the bark really "Pair well Together" to make an amazing "Flavor Profile" with real "Depth".
  21. Whelp, that is definitely what I'd consider a cliffhanger.
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