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  1. Dew_Man

    Mid October help

    Made it out on a lake east of the metro Saturday. Started shallow with senkos spinners topwater jigs.. Picked up probably 8 fish between three of us. We started fishing outside weed edge with cranks and started doing better but nothing special. 2 18" and one 20" 4# on a jerkbait. All day around 20 bass and 5-6 northerns.. My question is, where are you guys locating the fish? not really experienced in fishing in October.
  2. Dew_Man

    What's your current game plan?

    Returned from a trip to Cass county tuesday.. we hit 4 different lakes in the area. Started off a tough bit..we started throwing wacky rigs into cat tails and reeds in about 4ft. we caught a ton of fish. had to sort though many small ones but we started picking up good sized fish too. the biggest being 20"(id guess 4#), 19.5", and a 19" smallie with about a dozen 1.5-2# throughout the day i was throwing it weightless and my buddy had a 1/8oz split shot on. he was definitely out catching me with the weight. it was fun catching all the fish, but i got tired of this style of fishing. i am still trying to learn other techniques. but it is hard to go away from wacky rigs because it seems like IF there is a fish present, its not going to turn that bait down. what are your guys thoughts on it?
  3. Dew_Man

    Plastic Lizards

    Thanks, and what do you mean by tex-posed?
  4. Dew_Man

    Plastic Lizards

    Do you guys throw zoom flukes much? I always hear how people do well with them but i cant seem to make them work. They are always spinning. I tried running a weighted hook and that still didnt help. How do you guys rig and retrieve them?
  5. Dew_Man

    Weed Lines

    do you guys use your finder to find/mark weed lines? generally speaking, is a finder worthless when fishing the inside edge? a picture of sonar or Side imaging of a weedbed or weedline would be cool to see
  6. Dew_Man

    Senkos - t vs w

    Wacky weightless is how i usually do it. what about colors? I never have very good luck with green pumpkin it seems. the blood red yamamoto works awesome for me
  7. ​I am having about the same luck. The lake we go to has lots of chara, bulrush, coontail, and pondweed. Water clarity is about 3 feet. In most of the lake, weeds eliminate the use of cranks or spoons. How would you guys fish this?
  8. Dew_Man

    Side imaging or Down imaging?

    What settings do you recommend for SI?? Also, what speed do you recommend?? I am still learning with the SI. From my understanding you see down, then over once the bottom is reached. Is this correct? The thing i am confused about is the slope of the bottom off to each side.
  9. Dew_Man

    Chub Fishing

    Thanks Tom! Great stuff. For the kids I was just thinking bobber and lead about 2ft off the bottom. Bottom bouncers crossed my mind. But I never considered lindy rigs. Would you fish them just like you would for walleye??
  10. Dew_Man

    Chub Fishing

    Forgot so specify!! It is on the Upper Iowa river in Iowa.
  11. Dew_Man

    Chub Fishing

    Live near a local river that has a few pike in it and want to take the youngins out fishing. Was thinking about using chubs. Are they a good option this time of year? What is your favorite chub setup? Shiner or suckers? -Dew
  12. Dew_Man

    Preferred Rod/Reel Choice

    Anyone have a tatula? I am down to either a tatula or a BB1
  13. Dew_Man

    Preferred Rod/Reel Choice

    My friend had a curado go bad. Curious, why Lew's? I currently have a revo sx and its my first bait caster so I do not have much experience and its hard for me to notice the difference between models. I mostly do shallow cranking, but am trying to get into deeper stuff as well.
  14. Dew_Man

    Preferred Rod/Reel Choice

    What do you all feel is a good slow speed reel for cranking? Is 6:1 slow enough to get good presentation? I tend to burn lures when not catching fish so I might get something slower to prevent that. What are your thoughts on Shimano? My friend had one and is was ruined in about a year and half.
  15. Dew_Man

    Preferred Rod/Reel Choice

    Hey guys, Recently I have started really getting to bass fishing and I am wondering your favorite setups for each lure type. Right now I have a st criox tourny legend (6'8" extra fast) with a revo sx(7:1) as a gift. What would this combo be best suited for? I am guessing jerkbait/topwater?? What do you suggest for action and speed for the following combos? -jigging/pitching -crankbait -spinnerbait -plastic Also, which brands do you find to have to best warranty policy? For example, last fall a dogfish took my lures and the top 2 inches of the rod snapped. I brought the rod and receipt in and they exchanged rods no questions asked. Is that type of policy only with St. croix or is it common? Any info will be appreciated? -Dew