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  1. Hey Chad, I'm pretty sure that YOU would not get drafted untill the late rounds, and that happens Sunday! You know that the Vikings will do something weird anyways, like last years drafting of a one armed defensive lineman. Hopefully his off season surgery to rebuild his shoulder from an injury he sustained in College at USC will allow him to be the player that coach Tice and draft guru Studwell hoped he would be. Although all other NFL Scouts still shake their heads about that pick. Such is life for a Vikings fan. Spike
  2. Hey Guys, I wanted to invite all FMers out to Gander this Saturday. Lots of Good Seminars, starting at 10 AM, with Matt Breuer speaking about Spring Panfish, Then Dennis Lappen of Muskie Innovations Tackle Company, at 1 PM its Local Guide and outdoor writer Paul Nelson, on Opening day Walleye tactics on our local lakes. Capt. Ron Hunter will be on hand representing Lowrance, (bring your chips) Mark Windel will be speaking also on local Muskie opportunities and at 4PM, Travis Peterson will be talking Bass. A lot of other Tackle and equipment Reps will be on hand. Lots of New Boats in the Parking lot from Corner Sports, Bemidji Marine and Jims trailer sales, also ATV's from Bemidji Sports Center. Door Prizes and Food! Should be fun. Be sure to introduce yourself to me as a FM viewer. I hope to see you, but if your in the boat, believe me I'll understand! Spike
  3. Big Drift, First, as a guy who spent most of the day today pricing Steel Shotshells in the Bemidji Gander, I can try to shed some light on your question and or statement. In years past pretty much everyone held a preseason sale on shells as part of a festival weekend or Hunting primer kick off of some sort. Then the manufacturers started the rebates and many stores advertised these prices as sale prices or incentive prices to show value, while keeping some margin in its coffers. But hunters are a smart bunch and now, most retailers set a price and then run to the competition with pen in hand and recorders in pockets and price comp. the local competition. Prices go up, it's a sad fact. Prices, as the competition is checked, often goes down or possibly stays the same. I know, I see all the guys come in the store and they all see me when I'm in their's. (I really get a kick out of one store that announces over the intercom that I'm in the store) With Ganders Price matching policy we have to keep up with the changes as best as we can. Carrying the selection of shotshells, centerfire and rimfire that we do it can be quite difficult to keep up on everyone of them. But I do assure you that we try to do our best. Tomorrow will find me back in the lead shot shell dept. restacking and pricing and straightening and organizing all with a smile because Friday morning i'm off to North Dakota to chase some Bluebills and Mallards, around the Rugby area. Six days of duck shooting! Man, I can't wait! So if your in town and want to chat stop in, I'll be there, Can't miss me, Big Guy, price gun and a smile. But after 5, and I'm gone. Spike
  4. Gander Mountain in Bemidji is having a Deer Butchering Seminar Thursday evening Sept. 30th at 7:00 pm. Seminar is by Bill Hesselgrave. He completely cuts and wraps a fresh deer carcass during the seminar! Hope to see you there!
  5. Esoxman, The pintail is gone. Beretta no longer makes a recoil op semi-auto. The ureka 391 is the semi-auto now available from Beretta. It is available in a number of styles and configurations. It's a terrific gun. Spikeidji
  6. A few years back on our annual Lac Seul Trek A couple of pals, My father and I went up a day earlier and fished Wabigoon for a day just for giggles. Held a sort of 2 boat tournament. Put in at the launch near the paper plant on the river and ran out into the lake and just fished out near the first group of Islands. Pulled Cranks untill we hit fish, then worked the area with snells, and jigs. While it was no Lac Seul it was pretty good fishing. With the comeback of the Muskie fishing, it may be the answer to my annual Eagle lake trip in September. I was not all that impressed with Eagles walleye fishing and if I can split up a week with Good Muskie, Walleye and throw in some Smallie action and have an A & W just down the Road I think why not? Top it all off with some Hubers Lone Pine Schlawschlict and Dumplings and Point me to a sunny shore and let me nap! Spike
  7. Wilderness55, I am leaving Saturday for Mahkwa, Will be there Sunday through Thursday in housekeeping cabins there are 13 of us. This is my 8 year fishing out of Mahkwa and I am set to return after this trip, on July 2nd for another 5 day trip with my Dad. I have heard a lot of different things about the fishing. It seems as though it has been slower than usual, but even a slower Lac Seul is incredible. Look for me and the Gang, our group is primarily made up of Gander Mountain Managers and Former Alaskan Guides. Not professed as being the greatest Walleye anglers in the world but we catch or share. I run a Warrior 1890SC Eagle. Stop by and say hello! We will help you if we can. Best of luck, Spike
  8. Looking at possibly forgoing the usual ND trip to try a Manitoba or Sask. Duck/Goose hunting trip. Any Idea's or help as to direction to look? Primarily a boat Duck Guy but can Field hunt too. Any Recommendations are welcome.
  9. Hey Chev, That would be me. Just got back from driving around to check out the Ice conditions on the local lakes. It should not be long now. If the forcasted rain happens it could be open water in a hurry. Spike
  10. The Bemidji Gander Mountain Store will be holding a free Bass Fishing Seminar on Sunday April 18th from noon to 3pm. The seminar is hosted by Brent Carlson and Tony Attwood, 2002 Bass Anglers of the year on the Gander Mountain Pro Tour
  11. BP, Go Denny! Last year I fished all the Gander Tour except the First one on the River Due to the Bemidji Store Opening. This Year I will fish in all as an Am. I had a blast Last year. I just hope I can Put a few in the well and not do anything Stupid! Good Luck Spike
  12. BP, This weeks Netboys are: Brauer Brauer Swindle Horton Iaconelli Are You fishing any of the Gander Tour this Summer? Spike
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