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  1. Thanks to you guys, I got the right combination picked out for my fishing. I have picked out a MH with a fast action ect... If I plan to mainly use with texas rigs and jigs (not around heavy cover) what type and pound line should I consider.
  2. I have a quick question for all you bass guys out there. What would make a better setup for soft plastics, baitcaster or spinning? I want to fish texas rigged worms and weighted/un weighted wacky worms. Thanks
  3. Im in the market for a new walleye rod. I mostly going to be jigging and using lindy rigs. What is the ideal power and action to look for in a rod. Also, when buying one for crank baiting, what power and action? Thanks
  4. SteeredStrike

    Bait caster

    As spring seems to be getting closer and closer, I am interested in getting a bait caster setup for largemouth. Ideally, I would like to spend less than $150 or less. Is it better to buy a combo or rod and reel separate? Any advice on brands ect...also, medium or medium heavy? Thx
  5. What are your fav. Crankbaits for walleye ( and colors)? Thanks
  6. Any ever have any luck on Forest Lake for walleye? Im taking my Dad out later this week and im wondering where to go and what to use. any tips help. thanks
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