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  1. Anyone have knowledge of any fishing guides that guide on Red Cedar Lake near Birchwood during summer?
  2. I see there are 3 boat ramps for Big Mack. Is one better than the rest, or one to stay away from? I have a 16 foot boat. Thanks for any info.
  3. Where would be the closest bait shop for Big Mackenzie near Spooner? Anyone been fishing on it lately?
  4. Fished Wappo yesterday and caught around 14 LM off the weedline, only 2 over 15. Released them all. Noticed walleyes have been stocked there for many years and is part of the new walleye initiative in the state. Anyone been real successful in the walleye hunt here and would you mind sharing information? Thanks.
  5. Planning to change out my lead core line to Suffix 832. Wondering what people are using for walleye trolling the 12 pound or 18? I have the Daiwa 47s. Thanks for any input.
  6. math teacher


    Anyone had any experience with the new onix? Are the initial bugs worked out? Thanks for any input.
  7. kwiggy It is a 2005 Princecraft 165sc. I am located 30 miles west of Eau Claire. Let me know if you have interest and I will send pm.
  8. May look to upgrade to a new boat. Would like to sell mine to a private party. For those that have done this, how have you safely requested payment? Value between $12-13,000. Thanks for any input.
  9. Thanks guys. You have motivated NOT to give up on Big Yellow. There is alot I like about the lake. Just need to learn it better and be patient.
  10. I apparently chose the worse weekend to come. Stayed at the Condos , all docks under water. Fished 7 hours on Friday, 1 fish to show for the effort. Got frustated and left early saturday and stopped at Balsam Lake on the way home and did well enough to save the trip. Was this just a weird week or is Yellow hard to fish? Almost ready to give up on this lake, or shouldn't I?
  11. Going to fish Yellow Lake next week again for a couple of days. Plan to troll lead core some and bobber fish targeting walleyes. Wondering if crawlers or leeches( if you can still get them)is the way to go? Or is it time to try minnows?
  12. Going to fish Yellow lake again in a couple of weeks. Was wondering what is the main baitfish in the lake. Minnow type or thicker bodies like perch? Thanks for any input.
  13. Anyone been on Wappo lately? Does it get green with algae or stay clean?
  14. My top 3 would be Wissota in Chippewa Falls, Yellow Lake has moved up after fishing it last week for the first time and the Chip Flowage with Turtle-Flambeau Flowage next.
  15. What would be your top 3 favorite walleye lakes in NW Wisconsin?
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