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  1. Hello folks, checking in from Sunset Lodge Resort here on beautiful Oak Island in the Northwest Angle. Hope you all had a fantastic week! Here in the Angle, summer is quickly winding down and fall is just around the corner. So make sure to come up and stay with us and enjoy the awesome fishing we're having.
    On the Minnesota side of the lake, the water temp is between 75 and 78 degrees. Anglers are doing well targeting walleyes and saugers using spinners and bottom bouncers in the mud and reef areas near Little Oak, Four Blocks and Crowduck Islands. Depths of 20 to 30 feet have been the best. Use crawlers, leeches and colors of gold, orange and pink to turn fish. Boats are also turning to downriggers and leadcore trolling crankbaits to target fish that are hanging in the deep water to get away from the summer heat.

    On the Ontario side, Muskie fishing has been heating up as several reports of fish being seen and caught have been coming in. Evenings have been best, casting bucktails, topwater and stickbaits around small rock islands, reefs and points with deep water nearby. We've had several fish this week landed in the 45" to 50" range. Will you be the one to catch one that tops 50"? If it's walleyes your after, check out the areas around Deepwater Bay and Garden Island. Pulling spinners and crawlers in the deep mud and reefs have been producing fish in 25 to 30 feet. Other notable areas have been Tug Channel and Big Narrows. Work the mud in these areas with spinners to put fish in the box.

    Until next week folks, take care! And be sure to plan your next outdoor adventure with us here at Sunset Lodge!
    Cale Albers
    Sunset Lodge