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  1. Up at the NW Angle, we are checking ice daily and finding 16+ inches in areas where we are traveling. There are several areas with less ice and a couple areas with open water in spots that open up every year so be safe out there. With the warmer temps and some rain, pretty much all of the snow is off the lake. Travel via snowmobiles with scratchers or 4-wheelers with chains are recommended for the remainder of the season. We have pulled all but 4 of our hard houses and the remainder will be off the lake by the weekend as far as we can tell.

    On the Minnesota side, we made another move to the north side of Oak Island this week and it is paying off. We are fishing in 24-28 feet of water on the edge of reefs that have a little current and near areas that are down current from where the eel pout spawn every year. With the warmer temps, the walleye fishing is really heating up. The fishing has been hot in the late afternoon and evening, but we are still catching several fish throughout the day. The hot colors have been gold, pink and red avian this week. Flashers and jigging are really helping to trigger the bite with ripping raps, Buck shots or rattling spoons and also spoons that are putting off that extra vibration and flash. - Jeremy Glessing, Sunset Lodge Ice Team

    On the Ontario side, crappies are still just as fast and furious as ever, guests continue to catch their limits. Reminder, there is no party fishing in Canada. When catching crappies from deeper than 30′, keep them as they have a hard time surviving release. When you have your fish, stop fishing crappies as mortality rates can be high in deep water. Also, by the letter of the law, ice is considered land when it comes to U.S. Customs. That means ice anglers not having a NEXUS must go to an OARS phone to report back into the U.S. after ice fishing in Ontario. The closest OARS phone to Sunset Lodge is located at Young's Bay. - Dan Schmidt, Sunset Lodge Ice Team

    Until spring, good fishing!

    Sunset Lodge

    Best trip ever see you next year! - Kyle Chadderdon  (4).JPG

    Best trip ever see you next year! - Kyle Chadderdon  (5).JPG

    Kevin Koster, second trip this winter.jpg

    Kevin Koster, second trip this winter.jpg.jpg

    Todays Catch 3.12.16 Alicia 20 inch.HER FIRST FISHING TRIP! Corey Leinen Group (4).JPG

    Todays Catch 3.12.16 Connor w a 21 inch. Corey Leinen Group (2).JPG

    Todays Catch 3.12.16 Corey Leinen Group (16).JPG

    'Twas a great day at the office. - Ryan Dobmeier, Sunset Lodge Staff (3) Riley Brooks pictured.jpg