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  1. 1.25.16 Sunset Lodge Fishing & Ice Report by Dan Schmidt  
    Up at the NW Angle, we have 22 inches of ice on the Minnesota side where our houses are at and I'm finding an average of 14 inches up on Ontario where we are fishing for crappies. The lake is still nice and flat, only one crack at Bridge's Island. 
    On the Minnesota side, we are still fishing south of Oak Island and are continuing to push south towards Garden Island which is always an ace in the hole. Shallow waters are better, we have been doing pretty good on the reefs. We are catching a lot of smaller eater sauger in the deeper water. Some bonus jumbo thrown in the mix. Shallower houses (24-28 FOW) are catching nicer eater walleyes. As is the norm up at the NW Angle, we are getting a nice mixed bag of walleye, sauger, jumbo perch, tullibee, eelpout and northern pike! 
    On the Ontario side, our guided crappie trips have been good. This past week we had three crappies over 15 inches that are going on the wall. We are fishing crappies at 30-33 feet. Good solid, consistent bite.
    Give us a call to check availability, guests who stay Sun-Wed nights get 15% off of lodging!
    Until next week, good fishing!
    Dan Schmidt