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  1. 1.18.2016 Sunset Lodge Fishing & Ice Report by Dan Schmidt
    It is finally business as usual up at the NW Angle! The ice road from Young's Bay to Oak Island is open and marked with our signs to guide you over to us! Our snowmobile trails are open and marked - at the NW Angle and up from Warroad and Baudette. The Canadian ice road and snowmobile trails are open and marked to Kenora. We have about 10-14 inches of ice where we are fishing. Due to lack of heavy snow falls and pressure ridges, there is very little slush present. We currently have about 8 inches of snow. Our roads and snowmobile trails are in great shape. The thicker ice has eliminated the need for lighter vehicles and people haulers and we are using our bombers to transport guests to our fish houses.
    As usual, because we are fishing the breaklines of reefs & shoals, our walleye count is much higher than saugers. If you want saugers on LOTW, go deep and off the mud, I'd recommend 30-34 feet.
    Our Minnesota houses are currently about 20-25 minutes away from Sunset Lodge by bomber. We are fishing breaklines off the shoals south of Oak Island. We are fishing 23-29 feet, shallower in the morning and evenings on rocks was best; gold & red jigging raps is what staff are using to get bigger fish. Fishing is still slower than this time last year but our guests are having plenty of fish fries and most groups that fish 3 days are going home with their limits.
    On our Canadian run and gun trips, our spots are currently about 12 miles from Sunset Lodge which takes about 30 minutes by bomber. The ice is averaging 12 inches and crappie fishing is excellent with a good midday bite which is the opposite of the way it used to be. Many years ago, it was a morning & evening bite but the past few years it is starting around 9:30am and over by the time the sun hits the trees in the evening. No need to be there early or late! We are fishing about 33 feet and are using Tungsten jigs, tipped with plastic baits, pink & white colored. We have these on hand in our tackle store.
    We are excited to announce that Steve & Keith Worrall will be arriving this afternoon and will be fishing both Minnesota and Ontario ice Tuesday & Wednesday with me. They are bringing the new ultra-powered Aqua-Vu Hi Def portable studio they built plus the original studio refitted with a new IR array. The hi-def unit has a Cree Infrared blaster light attached to try to break through the murky depths of Lake of the Wood's walleye infested waters. They should get some interesting video!
    Until next week, good fishing!
    Dan Schmidt