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  1. Here is our weekly fishing report:
    Up at the NW Angle, fishing was FABULOUS this past week. This was the BEST fall I have ever seen up here! All of our guests caught their limits. The weather was beautiful - sunny and calm every day, temps in the 60's. Our water temperature is at 54 degrees. Our fish population is healthy as usual and I expect 2016 to be another great year up at the NW Angle.
    The biggest fish caught by our guests this summer & fall: 14.5" perch, 16" crappie, 54" muskie AND a 30" walleye.
    If you visit us in the winter and summer you should also consider a fall trip as it is our best fishing of the year. It's the only consistent time to fish one spot and pull in 100 fish a day. Good number and good sized fish.
    If you are targeting crappies - the best time of the year is the winter followed up by fall (Sep/October). Spring was tough this year and in June and July it is pretty much non-existent. I will be guiding crappie trips this winter again, my schedule is starting to fill up so if you're interested, get a hold of us soon! I can take your group up into Canada by snowmobile or by bomber.
    We've got our fish houses ready to go and are looking forward to an already busy winter season. We are closed now until the ice road is open around the end of December. We will be posting pictures of the ice development so stay tuned to our Facebook & Twitter pages as well as our page and various fishing blogs.
    Until December, good fishing!
    Dan Schmidt




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