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  1. Just wanted to say how happy and impressed I am with Thorne Bros, Bought some high end electronics from them at the Sportsmen Show. First time out on the water it worked perfectly. Everytime after that it would shut down unexpectedly until it wouldn't turn on at all. John Roundsley the co-owner of Thorne took it home, updated the software and tested the unit all day on his boat. It worked fine and never shut down. Of course when I get it on my boat it wouldn't start up. Brought it back to Thorne on a Sunday evening and they opened up a new unit to get the wires and tried it on an ice fishing battery and it started right up. I left the unit there and talked to John on Monday and he suggested direct wiring the unit. So the next weekend I did that and of course it wouldn't start up.....even though I had Batteries Plus load test the battery this spring and it was just fine. Called John the next day and he suggested I call technical support and explain the whole story. After a long wait on hold, technical service said send the unit in and they would send a loaner. The next day I called them because they didn't email me a free shipping form. I asked when my loaner unit tracking number would be sent and they said they were still manufacturing it. Needless to say, I went ballistic and was very frustrated. Call Thorne Bros and asked to talk to John. He just left for a tournament and and wasn't going to be back for a week. They said they would call him and see if he could call me. Within 15 minutes he called back and said just bring the unit in and they'd give me a new one. They would deal with the bad unit and I'd just keep the new one. Of course the new unit worked perfectly. I can't imagine a small retail store being out two unit and only being paid for one. I'm sure they will get it figured out with the manufacturer. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with it anymore. Some people might think what John did was what he was suppose to do but I'm sure a big box retailer wouldn't of been so accommodating and personally trying to fix it. Sorry for the long post but Thorne Bros deserves the positive feedback.
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