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  1. My dad is my fishin' buddy too and 4 yrs ago went in for arm pain (been having it for a year or so) -finally the doc sent him in for tests and he ended up having triple bypass and a pacemaker implanted. I never thought my "superman" would be put down either - but - he says after the surgery he feels like he is in his 30's again. We have hunted deer each season since and fish whenever works lets me tag along, so I will keep my fingers crossed for both of you for a similar outcome. "Enjoy the time today, tomorrow we may run out of time"
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    Sighting in

    take a buddy with you, stabilize the weapon with sandbags or something similar, aim and fire. Then, WITHOUT MOVING THE WEAPON ITSELF, aim at the center and have your buddy adjust the screws until your crosshairs are centered on the hole you made with your first shot. Then fire again. You should be almost right on. and 25 yards is fine for being at zero at 100. Most grain bullets around 140 - 180 will only be 1-2 inches high at 50 yards with trajectory, then centered again when they get 75-100 out. Low over 100 tho, so you will have to adjust for longer range shots. That's been my experience anyway.
  3. Hey Ironranger, I too am so sorry for the loss of your father. I am not looking forward to the day I go out on my first opener without my father. Dad is 73 now, and we have hunted together for 26 years. Dad was blessed with 3 daughters and I am the only one that hunts, so when dad goes I will be on my own, looking for some other hunter to enjoy the woods with. I have been trying to find a reasonably priced ATV so that I can keep dad hunting for as long as he wants and not have to drag the deer out the old fashioned way. Dad had triple bypass surgery 3 years ago, and I am 42 now, so it gets tougher every year. I hope you will keep the memories of your father with you in the field and elsewhere, there is no better way to honor his memory than to savor all the two of you shared and learned together. Oh, and if there are any small groups of hunters in the bemidji area who wouldn't mind a female member joining in the future, please let me know. Thanks. Ok everybody, make good shots, be kind to others who share the woods, and swap stories after getting your deer! And leave the woods clean please!
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    Game Farm

    I've wondered about it also, drive by it on my way home every time....I'm surious to hear some info also....
  5. We personally don't mind if we see another vihicle in the area we are goin to hunt, actually, its nice to know someone is in the area - for safety reasons. I just meant that some people seem to feel that if they got there first that others should move on. I think it is too bad that we all just can't get along. No body has any right to remove or damage a stand that isn't theirs, permanent or otherwise, but we all have a right to "be" on public land. I guess it's like enjoying a football game. Alot of people want to participate and be in the stands at the staduim. Others don't like the crowds so they watch from home "privately". I think maybe the so called "sportspersons" who get territorial over any certain area of public land need to enjoy their hunting experience via the couch and a dvd! leaving the "public" land hunting experience more enjoyable for the rest of us. And hey, if dad and I run into any of you during the season, I'd like to invite you to the truck for a cup of coffee and a good deer hunting story! Anybody like cream and sugar? Last year while we were enjoying coffee, a nice 8 pt'r ran across the road and waved at us!
  6. Best grouse dog I ever saw was a German shorthaired pointer. Enough said. Get one.
  7. the point has been made that some hunters are "claiming" a spot as their own if they have a permanent stand in an area of public land. Unfortunately, have observed this to be true. I also feel that this behavior is even being expanded to include vehicles parked on roads by the area being hunted. some hunters feel it is a "first come forst served" kind of thing and that if another hunter(s) drive by and see a vehicle parked there, they should assume the spot is "taken" and keep driving. I just think it is so unfortunate that the experience of hunting has to be so diminshed by people who think this way. My father and I hunt public land and I would rather meet the others hunting there so we can all share the opportunity that we "non land owning" hunters still have available to us. Not too many years ago, my father fell when the steps on an old permanent stand broke and he seriously injured himself. He managed to make his way back to the truck, but was unable to see so was honking the horn. I did not make the connection. If it was not for another hunter nearby that we had introduced ourselves to, my father would have sat there for hours waiting for me. The other hunter came and got me and my father got to the ER much faster thanks to him. That hunter took time out of his hunt to find out what was happening. I did not make the connection to the horn being dad because he had told me he was going to an area North of me, in which case he had to go by me to get back to the truck. Turned out he had gone North, saw another hunter in the area, so left and went East so he would not interfere with the other hunter on "public" land in the permanent stand. there could be so many good times shared by hunters instead of poor ones due to bad manners and pure disrespect. funny how most hunters wouldn't dream of helping themselves to a portable stand left in the woods, but will use a perm they didn't build. Obviously, neither can be helped, but we don't see people walking up to a bus stop and fighting with someone they don't even know because they want to sit on the end of the bench the other person is on. doesn't matter who built the bench. but if I put up my captains chair to wait for the bus, my butt is gonna be in it! Let's just leave the perms that are left to the b*** heads with the poor manners. Last thing I want is to come up against some angry guy/gal in the woods when they have a gun in their hands. If dad and I come across another hunter in any type of stand nowadays, we apologize for walking up, introduce ourselves and offer to do a little round-a-bout push/drive for them. Maybe someday we'll end up making a new friend. I hold out hope.
  8. Maybe if we keep this post going, a reputable taxidermist will offer to make a replica mount of this great deer at a reasonable price for you......come'on everybody, let's give it a try. I checked with the one I use, and he doesn't do rep's but maybe somebody else's does?
  9. If you check with the county where you want to hunt, they may have a leasing opp for you. Sometimes you can lease tax forfeit property for hunting, and once you lease it you can post it. Just like renting a home or apartment. Also, usually tax forfeit land is open to the public like most gov. owned land. you can buy a plot book at most county seats which will tell you where tax forfeit land is. The plot book also includes names of the owners of private land (at the time the book is printed) so it may help you contact a landowner to secure permission to hunt their land. Lots of times there is publis land that is surrounded by private property and all you have to do is get one landowner to give you permission to cross theirs to get to it. FYI
  10. Couple years ago, dad and I were deer hunting on public land in the Bemidji area. we have hunted there for about 10 years now. After the DNR stated that no more permanent stands could be used on public lands, we invested in several ladder stands and placed them in the area we hunt. I was using one and had shot a deer and we were traking it when another hunter appeared and started yelling at us that we had interrupted his hunt and that he had been hunting there for 15 years and so on and so forth. He used alot of profanity and actually made the statement to my dad that "he should be careful as he may get shot"! We turned the guy in to the local PD. It turns out he is a local SCHOOL TEACHER and when the police spoke to him he claimed that I (female) had made threats to him also. The PD refused to file charges as they said it was my word against his, even tho dad was right there. My father is 73 years old, and I could not believe that this guy would actually threaten him! Anyway, the point is, we don't hunt that section of the woods anymore, but this same guy built a HUGE permanent stand right where I had the ladder placed that season. Not only did is he a poor example of a sportsman, but he clearly violates the law at every chance he gets. Dad and I used to sit in unused perms if we came across one, but if the builder came by, we relinquished the stand to them, same as we would hope someone would do for us back when we had perms. But, if the person wants to sit in the stand, we have NO right to ask them to vacate. Any stand on public land, perm or portable, can be used by whoever gets there first. As far as taking them from the woods, we chain and lock our ladders to avoid that, but if someone gets there before us there is really nothing we can do except be disappointed. Most hunters will vacate if asked politely. And, I actually prefer to know who is also hunting in the area and where for safety reasons. I just wish everyone felt the same. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? Let's not dampen the experience of a wonderful day in the woods by bringing the wrong attitudes out there with us, let's swap stories instead!
  11. Come'on guys, I said I was talking about the professionals, maybe I should have clarified that I mean the ones on TV and in books. Rainman, my comments were not directed at you personally or anyone else on the forum. However, I will say that the "rise" was accurate, I am female. I hope that makes you feel better. I was only trying to present a point and vent a little. I'm surprised so many people took it so personal. It's nice to know there are still sensitive men out there. And it is a very nice deer, rack and all. I just think the animal deserves respect. It's kind of like someone claiming to have the utmost respect for you and then spelling your name wrong (only my opinion, I'm sure there are many out there who don't mind if their name is mispelled). We humans have a tendency to re-use phonetics that we have seen or heard used, thus, when professionals use the incorrect terminology, we tend to pick it up and use in in the same text. Really, horns/antlers - no harm meant, no foul. It's just a pet peave of MINE. This forum is just the place I chose to "blow my antler" - pretty hard to do with solid bone! Again - no personal references were meant, if someone took it personal, I apologize, but I hope I made my point. Thanks again!
  12. Oh, and Rainman....I bet you call a Ford F150 a "car" don't ya?
  13. well, "Rainman", if we all know what we mean like you say, then why can't you say what you mean using correct terminology? Or is it that you too closely resemble the movie character you've named yourself after? My comment is my opinion, whether others agree with it or not, and a forum is also a place for exactly that, opinions. I guess you are one of those people who only want to surround yourself with those who share the same opinions as yourself. What a sheltered life! That's probably why you and all your buddies all say "horns", there isn't one of you in the bunch brave enough to go against the rest. Either way, I wasn't trying to insult anyone, I just get frustrated with the professionals, the one's on TV and in books who don't use the correct terms. Layman like us can do whatever, but when people get paid to know what they are talking about, I figure they should really KNOW. I will sleep better tonight knowing that I got such a rise out of you. thanks
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