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  1. ukefish

    Happy Opening Day

    There's nothing surprising here, Twins go several years doing horrible, have a surprise year, then have 4 or 5 more years stinking it up before another surprise year.
  2. ukefish

    Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    Thank you! Haha, Leech, I actually enjoy the sound they make;)
  3. Is this some type of crane? We moved to this property just a few years ago and are right next to the river and a wetland so I've seen many birds I've never seen before.
  4. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but, where I'm at(the little Cobb river valley just north of MN lake), I can't find any morels. I've tried Daly park at Lura lake as well, and nothing. I'm curious if I can go to WMA's to hunt wild edibles? I hunt these for deer, but wasn't sure since it's wildlife management if I'm permitted to use these lands for wild edibles, I couldn't find anything on the DNR page about it.
  5. ukefish

    When do the ice out predictions start?

    first week of April for just south of the Mankato area.
  6. ukefish

    What are your go to ice fishing lures?

    Y'all are awesome, thank you so much. Heading out tomorrow, hope some new lures will help me out.
  7. This will only be my second year to ice fish. My first year I primarily stuck with live bait on rattle reels, had some success but not much. I tried a few lures but not even sure how to use them under the ice. In the warm season I can catch fish regularly on artificial baits, but not in the winter. So, what are your go to baits/lures for ice fishing? I mainly target walleye, pike, and largemouth but would also like to get some crappie action.
  8. ukefish

    What's working now

    Hula hoppers shallow have really been getting them in south central mankato area. Got a 19 3/4" right at dusk two days ago.
  9. ukefish

    14 hours.............

    Wow, I'm jealous. Not a single fish today
  10. ukefish

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    First fish of the 2014 open water season! 30 3/4" 6.2 lbs. Caught her at Lura Lake on a drop shot rig, 14" from weight to hook. Used the worm below, I cut it to 4.5"
  11. ukefish

    2014 Vikings Schedule

    If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy this year y'all will have a real tough time winning the div this year;) Way I see Vikings schedule(as a Packers fan) I'm seeing 8-8. They are improving, also I'm kind of scared that Detroit might be competing for the division this year..we'll see. I think Chicago will have a mediocre season as well, and Green Bay I'm seeing 11-5, 12-4, if Rodgers and Matthews stay healthy(and Peppers I guess).
  12. ukefish

    Stuck Drag?

    Thanks, I'm taking it back and will go to gander tomorrow to check out their stuff(speak of the devil..)
  13. ukefish

    Stuck Drag?

    Yea, I know, it's a walmart cheapy, but those of you who have kids I'm sure you work on cheap spincast reels. Anyways, my problem is I bought an outdoor angler spincast reel from wally world yesterday and the drag knob won't turn. I tried taking apart the reel but I can't even see where the drag connects to, and I've never done reel maintenance before, how do I get this thing to turn? I wouldn't mess with it if the drag wasn't stuck on such a loose setting, any advice to get it working? thanks.
  14. ukefish

    LOL, Need a Good Laugh?

    skip to 6:30