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  1. HAMPS

    Mounting and balancing tires

    4 spoons. 2 rim protectors. Bunch of dish soap. Dyna Beads to balance. Easy once you have done a couple. No issues whatsoever with the beads.
  2. HAMPS

    Who rides and what?

    2012 Harley Street Glide. 1999 Excelsior Henderson Super X #178 1966 Suzuki (my moms who rode it during high school)
  3. HAMPS

    Where do you buy your motorcycle tires?

    Jake Wilson has great prices. Fully agree with the Dunlop Elite 3. Have run 2 sets and they are probably the best I have found. I mount my own and run Dyna Beads to balance. No issues.
  4. HAMPS

    Custom Jigs and Spins - Which Kits???

    Just bought the Mega Glow kit. Gotta love them Demons. Also bought some of the Mega Glow in orange which it says you can only get on the internet. They are extremely bright. The Demon Perch eyes look like they may work well on LOW with the gold on the back of them. Will be up to URL and LOW next week to try them out.
  5. HAMPS

    Ripley hunt

    I was fortunate enough to get in again this year. Had a big and heavy ivory horned monster about 30 yards from me last year but he was in thick brush and I did not want to take a bad shot. Hopefully we can cross paths again this year. Good luck to all who will be heading up this weekend.