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  1. Any one care to share some info on what they pay for insurance on their travel trailer Thanks in advance
  2. nope nothing blocking it its all clear....i wasnt sure if they stay on all the time it quits working
  3. hey guys i have 2000 chevy truck...Question the day time running lights are not turning on during the day where as the main head light are one all the time. Anyone have a clue as to what caused this? Thanks, Ross
  4. by far my best week solid 8th can't complain got lucky thats for sure good luck to all in the near future, its racing
  5. I'm in New to the rookie group if i do well its all luck cause in racing you never know...Happy fishing til then, ross
  6. Dunno exactly but i'll be there to see in person see ya guys later
  7. Try this again i think i got it by following your directions lol:My 2 fish i speared the other day, whats wrong with the one any ideas? [image] [/image]
  8. dunno if the pic showed up on the last reply so someone plz let me know that'd be great sorry to confuse you all. I'm new to this pic stuff thanks
  9. I also just got into spearing a couple of years ago...Heres 2 smaller ones that i got for pickling also...But whats wrong with that one with the big bump on his side? Previous spear mark or what? it puzzles me [image]D:\DCIM\100MEDIA\DSCI0003.JPG[/image]
  10. I've put in a brand new bulb but it is kinda small and hard to tell if it has 2 elements in it.
  11. i was wondering if someone on here knows if that my 4 wheeler should or not have brake lights? the tail light works fine but when i hit the brakes nothing happens.... Thanks, ross
  12. I was wondering if anybody know besides a dealership where i can purchase a voltage regulator for my my four-wheeler? Any websites with parts catalog out there that a person could order fron? Would be great with any responses. Thanks ross
  13. can i get pics too? ross_l2002atyahoo.com thats a lower case L thanks, Ross
  14. To tell you the truth if they want in they will get in somehow. They will wreck more if thats what they have to do to get inside The sang goes locks keep the honest people out ore something like that......
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