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  1. For Sale Brand New in Box Evo 2 fish house/sled. My son has a couple surgeries in February, so i need to sell this. Item was $459.00 plus tax where i purchased it. I would like $400. Thank You 7014128523 - Text Please
  2. Yeah, they didn't seem too strong to me. I have two wicked combos and a ugly stick gx2. The ones in my store nearby were like 24 lights. No thanks. I love their equipment, but that one has panfish written all over it.
  3. I just picked one up. i noticed l and m supply had it for 399.99. I think that is a great price for this guy. I was going to get the Eskimo hub but i was at the outdoor show and noticed this one is about 12 inches taller. My brothers and i are all over 6 foot and this one has so much head room.
  4. I think with the distance between the buckets and the fish hole, you may actually be very comfortable there. Nothing is worse than a fold out chair you sink into with the fish hole by your feet.
  5. Showed that to my wife. She goes "is that what you do all day, just sit on the internet and look at ice fishing videos".. Me - "of course not" roll eyes.
  6. I know myself. ill buy the gas one thinking i wont have to buy a auger or parts for 15 years. But then in 2 years ill want to trade mine off for the auger with a wifi hotspot and texting.
  7. Always be prepared. I was at Devils lake last year and the bottom of the auger was touching (with extension) on breakthrough's even though i heard all week that we would be fine without extension. We've needed an extension 9 out of the last 10.
  8. Speaking of castrating rings, my wife has a used pair for sale online..... Cheap.
  9. I liked that they tried to make fishing fun, but there was something about how they throw the fish on the ice and how many of them they had. It was almost like watching those old photos of people with piles of Buffalo hide next to skinned Buffalo. Im sure its just a few of them giving the crew a bad rap. But overall, that looks like a blast catching that size of walleye.
  10. Ive seen the clam seats and tables but im interested to see/hear what you guys are doing for shelves/lighting/flooring/etc etc. I just picked up a Clam 1660 thermal. Looking to deck it out. Like to hear your ideas.
  11. Good to hear. What size jig's you running with and what size plastics. I was probably going to put the 3" in a glow pug bug.
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